Eddy Carmack receives the Order of Canada

Eddy Carmack is a retired PIPSC member who has received many awards for his work in oceanography, especially related to climate change and northern climate science. He has received the Officer of the Order of Canada award for 2020.

The Order of Canada is part of the Canadian Honours System that recognizes the outstanding contributions of Canadians to their community, and their service to the nation. Officers of the Order of Canada are individuals who are beyond exceptional in their contributions to Canadians. 

As an oceanographer and northern climate expert, Eddy has contributed a great deal of knowledge and research that helps us understand climate trends today. During his career, he participated in over 90 field investigations in the Antarctic, Arctic, Yukon and Siberia where he collaborated with other researchers from around the world. 

He is the 2007 Massey medalist of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, and the 2010 Tully medalist for the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, among many other awards and accomplishments. 

In his retirement, he researches the Northwest Passage and BC waters from his own small vessel. 

We are proud of PIPSC members like Eddy. 

Every day, public servants give their best at work to make a difference in the lives of Canadians, and they deserve the best in return. From food and agriculture to oceanography and climate science, our public service makes the world a better place — and we have people like Eddy to thank for it. 

Congratulations, Eddy!