E-Petition: Violence Is Not Part of the Job

Every day, nurses and health care workers across Canada start their shifts knowing they may face violence on the job, and it’s only getting worse.

A national poll found that 61% of nurses have had a serious problem with some form of violence in the past 12 months, and two thirds (66%) considered leaving their job. Meanwhile, the number of violence-related lost-time claims for frontline health care workers has increased by almost 66% over the past decade, three times the rate of increase for police and correctional service officers combined.

This crisis must stop. Violence is NOT part of the job.

That’s why Canada’s nurses, including our members, have joined with MP and former emergency room doctor Doug Eyolfson to launch a House of Commons Petition calling for a national plan of action to stop violence against health care workers.

Sign Petition. Only two weeks left


Please support our nurses and health care workers, sign now.

It only takes three minutes to sign your name. There are only 2 weeks left to sign and share this petition (Deadline Feb 20, 2019).

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