The budget of our lifetime: PIPSC recommendations

The House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Finance re-launched its pre-budget consultations for 2021.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has referred to the upcoming budget as the “the most significant one of our lifetimes.” The stakes are high; we want to ensure this budget works for PIPSC members and all Canadians.


Here are some excerpts:

Recommendation 1: Build an equitable and sustainable national recovery plan

The impact of public policy decisions made in the next few years will be felt for generations. Success means protecting people’s health today and their livelihood tomorrow while also addressing structural inequity and ecological imperatives.

Recommendation 2: Invest confidently in the public service

When markets failed, the public service was there. The crisis has proven that Canadians benefit from having a strong, efficient and professional public service. Now is the time to confidently invest in the future. The vital programs that save lives, protect the environment and grow our economy must remain in the hands of our non-partisan public service.

Recommendation 3: Protect workers as the country reopens

We need to move slowly, protect people and pull everyone up along the way.

Recommendation 4: $750 million grant for NAV CANADA in each of the next two years

The government must immediately support the company by providing it with emergency funding to get through this crisis.

Recommendation 5: Correct inequality with tax fairness

We cannot simply strive to return to the status quo; we must correct the deep inequality that has been exposed. A rigorous examination of the tax system will be critical to ensure there is a legacy of positive and meaningful change – allowing those who have profited from the crisis to lift up those who have been harmed.