Board of Directors - Updates

In accordance with By-Laws 20.3, 20.4, 21.4, and 21.5, there have been several changes in the composition of the Board of Directors due to a leave of absence and resignations.

Sean O’Reilly, Acting Vice-President (Full-Time) while Shannon Bittman is on a leave of absence.

Nancy McCune, Acting Vice-President (Part-Time) following Shirley Friesen’s resignation in June 2018.

Gordon Bulmer, Acting Director, National Capital Region, after Del Dickson’s recent resignation.

Brian Hassall, Acting Director, National Capital Region, while Sean O’Reilly is Acting Vice-President.

Robert Trudeau, Acting Director, Prairie/Northwest Territories Region, as a result of Nancy McCune becoming Acting Vice-President (Part-Time) in July 2018.