Advance your public service career with new PIPSC initiative

A new PIPSC initiative will help our members navigate the changing workforce and meet their career goals.

This initiative was made possible by generous contributions from Future Skills Centre (FSC), an independent, government-funded organization dedicated to helping Canadians gain the skills they need to thrive in a changing labour market.

PIPSC members are ambitious, responsible professionals who want to stay ahead of changes caused by social, economic and technological forces. According to a recent survey of members, 7 out of 10 want tangible, proactive steps to advance their careers.

With this new PIPSC initiative, members will be able to access evidence-based research and insight on how their careers are changing. It will recommend relevant and accessible training opportunities to keep members ahead of changes in their jobs.

PIPSC will also support members in seeking employer funding and opportunities to advance their career aspirations. 

FSC is always looking for innovative projects that test, prototype and evaluate new approaches to anticipating labour market change and equipping workers with necessary skills through a sector-based lens. The financial contribution from FSC shows confidence in PIPSC’s proposal. 

The PIPSC Board of Directors has approved the initiative and the partnership with FSC.