Nadia Roufaiel - SP Group

Currently I work for Health Canada in Tunney's Pasture (NCR) as a Biologist.

It has been an honor for me to serve PIPSC members as a steward in a professional way and stand up for union principles, support our stewards in the workplace and organize steward appreciation events.

I am the president of the SP Tunney's Pasture plus Subgroup, and an executive member of the HC-NCR branch and was an executive in the SP Group.

I'm an executive member of the Institute's National Consultation Team for the Department of Health Canada.

I'm helping in mobilizing our members and encourage rands to become active members to support SP Group bargaining positions.

I helped in organizing several lunch and learn sessions, social events, and Virtual meetings during the pandemic.

I supported PIPSC and other unions in all the rally events to show solidarity in standing for our rights.

I attended PIPSC AGMs as a delegate to vote in favor of our members.

I'm respectfully asking for your support to put my shoulder to the wheel as an executive member in the SP Group to have a chance in promoting successful achievements.

In solidarity Nadia