Michael Peddle - NRC-RO/RCO

As an NRC Project Manager with the HAA Optical and Radio Astronomy Directorates with 19 years of work experience combined with a number of years of union involvement including the last two years as the Steward for the Victoria site, I would like request your vote to be an NRC RO/RCO Executive member for the following reasons:

  1. I strongly support collective bargaining as a way to address issues and concerns between the employer and RO/RCO employees and would like to contribute more fully to this process.
  2. As we are a national organization, it is important for the Executive to include representatives from the regions.
  3. My RO/RCO effort has been focused on project management. It would be useful to have a non-research perspective on the Executive.

Thank you for considering my candidacy and I hope to gain your support and to have the opportunity to join the PIPSC NRC RC-RCO Executive.

Michael Peddle