Concur Travel Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my travel needs, (flight, car, hotel) in Concur Travel?

A- Go to the PIPSC Concur Travel How-To Guide here for instructions on how to use Concur Travel.

Why can I find cheaper airfares myself? 

A- This could be as a result of seeing Basic fares. Airline Basic fares are non-refundable, can't be cancelled or modified, and most of the time do not allow for a carry-on bag. As our business frequently changes, and members need to bring items with them, we can't book these restrictive fares. 

How do I choose what hotel to book if the meeting does not have a room block?

A- PIPSC has preferred arrangements with certain properties across Canada. Members should reserve at one of those. However, if they are not available at our preferred rate, members will be able to choose any property listed that is below the city maximum rate established by PIPSC. 

How do I book a train ticket?

A- Train tickets need to be booked directly with our travel agent - BCD Travel. This can be done by calling BCD at 1-866-768-7624 and indicating the meeting name, date/time and location. 

Can I still use BCD to book travel by phone?

A- The most expedient option is to reserve travel online. You can however call BCD Travel just keep in mind that your request will be routed to the Finance Department for approval.

Can I book travel for my spouse/companion?

A- You can call in to BCD to request your travel and ask them to book your companions. You will however have to pay the BCD Travel booking fee. The best and cheapest option for you would be to book your travels through Concur and then book your companion’s directly on the airline website. 

Can Consultation Presidents still book travel?

A- Yes, they are able to request travel directly online via Concur Booking, and their request will be routed to Finance for approval. This is similar to the previous paper TAN process.

What do we do if we want to stay longer than the event lasts? (eg. extra days on personal time)

A- You can book your flights on the days you want to arrive/depart, book your hotel for the approved dates, and then book any additional days on your own, e.g. through the hotel website. Any extra hotel days would be at your own expense.

What do I do in the case of multiple meetings, back to back?

A- In this case you would book your travel for the whole duration and indicate the trip reasons within Concur Travel.  Finance will distribute the cost appropriately for you.

What do I do if a hotel has already been designated (eg. a hotel room block for a meeting)?

A- The meeting planner will arrange the room for you directly with the hotel. You simply indicate which nights you are requesting during your registration.

Air Canada Altitude members have access to vouchers that can be used when booking on AC.  Are we able to use these vouchers with Concur?  

A- This process is unchanged; members would book travel within Concur Travel, then use upgrade certificates, etc. directly via the Air Canada website.

What if I have a special request or would like a different room type?  

A- Members can communicate special requests with their meeting planner, usually during the registration process. 

When reserving directly within Concur, basic room types are offered. Members can upgrade directly with the hotel before arrival or at check-in. Any upgrade costs must be paid for directly by the member. 

Why does Ottawa have a list of preferred hotels?

A-The preferred hotels in Ottawa can bill directly to PIPSC so members do not have to pay for their hotel stay in advance and submit an expense claim.

I have more questions relating to online Concur Travel booking. How can I get more help?

A- BCD Travel has a toll free number for online navigational and booking assistance, 1-866-768-7624. Alternatively, you could also contact PIPSC for general inquiries at