The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Lynn Ohlson

I have been proud to represent the Medical Adjudicators on the SH executive since we became part of PIPSC in 2012. Our EMA group consists of both EMA’s working for CPP Disability and Veteran’s Affairs Canada. I am keenly aware that long service in a position can result in complacency and apathy and want to assure you that is not the case. I bring a wealth of experience to this position by virtue of the length of my tenure and remain as engaged and excited to serve as I was when I began.

Initially, my attention was focused on bargaining and consultation. I negotiated our initial salary upon moving to PIPSC, and was a member of the SH bargaining team in the last two rounds of bargaining. I provided presentations directly to the Treasury Board on the work MA’s perform, the high level of service they provide, and their level of education and expertise. I served on two committees as a subject matter expert in the development of the Employee Wellness Support Plan (to re-structure sick leave provisions) which will be presented to all members for consideration upon its’ design completion. I currently serve on the regional and national consultation teams for ESDC and am a vice-president for the national team. This activity has been vital as we navigated our way through the initial stages of the pandemic and the Herculean task of moving our office and paper based program to remote work at home and virtual information. This team remains very active. Though we no longer require meeting on a daily basis, we meet monthly to remain connected and discuss any issues that are occurring in MA worksites throughout the country. I have never been prouder to be a member of a group as during this time. The professionalism, dedication and flexibility the MA community has shown in your willingness and focus to keep this program functional and strong in these trying times is phenomenal!

I have been fortunate to provide presentations at numerous worksites throughout the country and personally meet many of you and hear your concerns. I hope that as Covid is contained, it will be possible for me, or my successor, to continue this important contact.

I seek your support in being allowed to continue to represent the Medical Adjudicators. I am so very proud to be counted among you!