Lori Goulding - 2023 Election Autobiography

I am soliciting support for member-at-large of your Group Executive. My career at NAV CANADA began in 2001. I became a Steward in 2015, an Executive in 2017 and am actively involved in PIPSC activities. I am a member of concurrent bargaining teams, HO and National OSH committees and NCR Regional and Steward Councils. I have attended PIPSC National AGM as well as stewardship, executive and bargaining training sessions 

For 8 years in this volunteer role, I provide representation in labor relations with management and sit in consultation with Senior Leaders to assist on solutions for members. I take pride in the stewardship expertise I bring to the membership in addressing every day work issues and complicated matters such as flex work arrangements, fair pay and outsourcing, The pandemic caused loss of members, pay and trust with the company.During these times, your experienced Executive fought relentlessly for the membership’s rights. 

I believe in a combined Executive and have welcomed new ideas, but a vote for me will keep experience on the Executive that will deliver guidance on the challenging matters we face. 

It would be an honor to serve in this role. Thank you for your vote!

Lori Goulding