These terms of reference define the composition, elected positions, and responsibilities of the PIPSC National Consultation Team for Statistics Canada (“the Team”). They are intended to clarify the internal functioning of the Team within the framework of the PIPSC Consultation Policy and Consultation Guidelines.

1. Composition

1.1 The Team will be composed of no more than fifteen (15) Institute Stewards at Statistics Canada.

1.2 Every effort will be made to ensure adequate regional and occupational representation.

1.3 A call for volunteers will be sent to all Institute stewards employed by Statistics Canada at least once every two years, at least two (2) weeks before the General Meeting. Additional, targeted calls for volunteers may also be made in instances where gaps exist in regional and occupational representation.

1.4 If there are more than fifteen volunteers to serve on the Team, members will be selected based on the following criteria: regional and occupational representation, knowledge of the Statistics Canada and of the Institute, and previous experience in local or regional consultation.

2. Positions

2.1 General - Unless otherwise stated, any Steward at Statistics Canada may stand for election to any position and any steward can vote for any position.

2.2 President - The President is appointed by the Institute, taking into consideration preferences expressed by all Stewards at Statistics Canada.

2.2.1 Every two years, all Statistics Canada Stewards will be invited to apply for the post of President and be given a chance to submit a written statement.

2.2.2 Once all of the applications have been received, all Stewards will vote to determine the Team’s nominee for President. The name of the nominee will be submitted to the Institute for its consideration and approval.

2.3 Vice-President - A Vice-President will be elected by all Team members for a term of two years. The Vice-President shall normally be from a different Institute Group than the President.

2.4 CS and RE Group Representatives - The chairs of the local CS and RE Subgroups shall normally take the lead on consultation in any matter that specifically relates to their respective group.

2.5 PCOSH and WCOSH - Representatives to PCOSH and WCOSH will be elected for a term of two years.

2.6 Other Positions - Other positions will be created as necessary.

3. Meetings

3.1 Team General Meetings will be held a minimum of every two (2) years.

3.2 Quorum for any meeting of the Team will be a minimum of 50% plus one member of the Team.

4. Advisory Council Representative

4.1 The President will normally be the Team’s representative to the Advisory Council. The President can appoint another member of the Team as the permanent representative to the Advisory Council.

4.2. The Advisory Council Representative also serves as the Team’s representative to the PIPSC Working Group on Consultation.

5. Responsibilities

5.1 National Labour-Management Consultation Meetings - The President and Vice-President will attend national consultation meetings with management. This includes the National LMCC, the Human Resources LMCC as well as the Labour-Management Operations Consultation Committee. When one or both the President and/or Vice-President cannot attend such meetings, they will designate an alternate from within the Team.

5.2 Prior to attending any meetings with management, the President will seek input from the rest of the Team on any agenda items that should be brought forward.

5.3 The President will report to the rest of the Team after meetings with management, as well as distribute any documentation provided.

5.4 Reports to the Advisory Council - In collaboration with the rest of the Team, the Team’s Advisory Council representative will prepare written reports to the Advisory Council as necessary.

Terms of Reference were approved at the WGC Meeting August 22, 2014.