These terms of reference define the objectives and composition, appointed positions, and responsibilities of the PIPSC Industry Canada National Consultation Team (ICNCT), here after known as Team. They are intended to clarify the internal functioning of the Team within the frame of the Institute’s Policy on Union-Management Relations.


To gather the work issues and concerns of the members and to reframe those in a manner appropriate for consultation with management.

Position and Appointments

The President will be approved by the Institute, with the appointments reviewed a least bi-annually, taking into consideration recommendations made by the team.

The Vice-President will be appointed by the consultation Team.

The Team may define other positions requiring representation for co-development, working groups and other consultations with management.

Advisory Council and Working Group on Consultation alternate

The Vice-President or another Team member will serve as representative to these committees in the absence of the President.

Roles and responsibilities

All members of the Team are responsible for the representing the Institute with the employer, and for representing and conveying the Institute’s objectives and decisions to members and the employee, as define by the PIPSC Policy on Union-Management Relations.

President: The consultation Team President is the primary contact between the department’s deputy minister and its senior management level (Assistant Deputy Ministers).

The role of the President is as define by the PIPSC Policy on Union-Management

Vice-President: The Vice-President of the National consultation Team assists and replaces the President as required.

Communication officer: The Communication officer coordinates the preparation of and distribution of newsletters, communiqués, etc, on behalf of the Team and is also the primary contact to have information placed on the PIPSC Consultation Website.

Ad-hoc Recording Officer/Time Keeper: The ad-hoc Recording Officer/Time Keeper is define at the start of a Team’s meeting and is responsible for preparing and forwarding the meetings minutes to the Communication officer, in addition in being responsible for Herding THE CATS, a.k.a. the Team, in keeping to the agenda.

Regional Consultation Representative: The Regional Consultation Representative is responsible to communicate with the regional/local consultation team member(s) to gather issues and concerns to bring to the Team. This activity shall be done at least every 3 months.


The Team should have access to conference call to be held during working hours. The Team should have at least one (1) day face-to-face meetings per calendar year upon the approval of the Consultation Budget by Pipsc Finance Committee.


Consultations: The President and the Vice-President will report back to the Team by providing a summary of events of the consultation by the second Team conference call.

Once the meetings minutes are available, they will be displayed on the PIPSC Consultation Website.

Team meetings: Once minutes of meetings and any other related documents, and approved by the Team, will be displayed on the PIPSC consultation Website.

Quorum: the quorum for meetings and decisions will consist of at a minimum 3 members-at-large plus one elected position (President or Vice-President)

Agenda Setting for the LMCC

This section covers how the Team will collect information from the local and regional level to be submitted to the LMCC for discussion.

Once a quarterly basis, the Regional Consultation Representative are responsible to contact the region members to try to gather issues that may be deemed a National issue.

Where possible, the Team members will keep up to date on any sector LMCC consultation issues.

The Team will continuously maintain a list of issues to be submitted to the National LMCC. The list will be approved by the Team.


Structure of Committee

The Team is composed of the following positions:

1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Communication Officer
4. Members-at-large

The following Regional Consultation Representative portfolio will be distributed to the Team members, the portfolio may be shared by team members or multiple portfolios may be assigned to any one member:

5. Atlantic Regional Consultation Representative
6. Quebec Regional Consultation Representative
7. Ontario Regional Consultation Representative
8. NCR Regional Consultation Representative
9. Prairies Regional Consultation Representative
10. Pacific Regional Consultation Representative

Other positions

The Team may define other positions as necessary. The Team members must endorse the addition of any new position(s) to the Team.

Structure of Ad-hoc/Subcommittees

The Team may create subcommittees either standing or Ad-hoc. Each subcommittee must have a clear mandate with a sunset and or review date.


The Election of the President and Vice-President Positions are to be conducted by secret ballot, the President recommendation will be submitted to PIPSC as per the PIPSC Policy on Union –Management Relation for Consultation and Co-development.

The Communication Officer position will be assigned by the President in consultation with the Team.

The President position election will occur every 2 years as define in the PIPSC Policy on Union –Management Relation for Consultation and Co-development.

The Vice-President position election will occur every 2 years, on the alternate year of the President election.

The Team shall attempt to provide appropriate group representation for the elected positions.

Document Review

This document will be reviewed at least once a year at the annual fall face-to-face meeting.


The budget is submitted as per PIPSC Finance Directive.


ICNCT: PIPSC Industry Canada National Consultation Team
Institute: Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
LMCC: Labour-Management Consultation Committee
Members: PIPSC Industry Canada employees
PIPSC: Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada
Team: Industry Canada stewards serving on the PIPSC Industry Canada National Consultation Team