Notice to all PIPSC Stewards at Agriculture & Agri-food Canada

Selection of President of the Agriculture & Agri-food Canada National Consultation Team

PIPSC is selecting a President of Consultation for the Agriculture & Agri-food Canada National Consultation Team (NCT). The term of the President will be for two years and the duties are outlined in the PIPSC Policy on Union-Management Relations: Consultation and Co-development. Applicants must also be free to travel to Ottawa as required if residing outside of the National Capital Region.

This process is open to all Stewards in good standing at Agriculture & Agri-food Canada. Interested stewards are requested to send a brief statement of why they wish to be NCT President and a resume of union experience to Alex Meyers, Labour Relations Associate. Your resume should clearly outline your union experience and in particular your experience related to formal consultation. If there is more than one applicant, the candidate resumes will be forwarded to all stewards in Agriculture & Agri-food Canada, who will be asked to express a preference among the candidates. These preferences will be tabulated and forwarded to the PIPSC Executive Committee which will make the decision and appointment, taking into account input from the National Consultation Team and the Agriculture & Agri-food Canada Stewards.  Closing date for applications is 27 September, 2019.