Kevin Jacobs - SP Group

Dear members:

I am seeking your support for election to the SP Group Executive as an outside the NCR Representative.

I have been active in the labour movement for many years. I am an SP Group Executive member who is also active at the Branch, Group, and Departmental levels. I am the chair of my local Union Management Consultation Committeeand Arctic Region Consultation Committee. I also serve as a Vice President of the DFO National Consultation Team. I am a friend of the Science Advisory Committee and Professional Recognition and Qualifications Committee.

Together with a dedicated team of stewards I have been successful in resolving grievances, workplace conflicts, and lobbying for better active transportation facilities. I have hosted numerous events in the workplace leading to a new SP subgroup. 

My substantive position is a physical scientist (PC) with DFO. Undertaking field work in the Arctic has been a highlight of my career. It is a pleasure to support the dedicated, hard working, and professional members of PIPSC. My goal is to protect the hard won rights of our members so that we can continue to provide the scientific advice that Canadians count on and deserve.

In solidarity,

Kevin Jacobs