Call to order

A virtual AGM meeting of the Yukon Hospital Group of PIPSC was held via Zoom on Dec.5, 2020. Attendees included Mike Pare, Sharlene Clarke, Kathleen Chapman, Valerie Emery, Kamira Tyerman, Katherine Durocher, and John Ehinger (ERO). The meeting was called to order at 1710.

Approval of minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were not available at this time for approval.


Presidents Report

Mike spoke about the Presidents report for the year of 2020. He reviewed the main issues of 2020 as follows: the CNL layoff, the loss of the FastTrack position in Emergency, Watson Lake hospital and the struggle with filling positions, the tech change coming of 1Health with regards to potential job losses, the dramatic effect that COVID-19 has had on the way that education is delivered (in essence that there is little to no education occurring).

Mike talked about how FTE employees have lost the ability to attend mandatory education in house. The estimation of the mandatory education hours is 15 hours plus 3 hours for CPR. Management has said that an FTE can attend mandatory education and receive straight time pay OR request a day off in lieu of.

Mike spoke about the changes that have occurred with the staffing model, going from self-scheduling to a fixed schedule.

Mike spoke about the issue with the sick time bank that Sharlene had brought forward several times. This has been fixed, now employees with less than 5 years’ service, the bank will transition from 67% to 100% at the appropriate time. The employee does not need to have a 3 month sick free period to trigger it.

Also Finance has a new software program that has been written so that employees do not have to keep track and request their sick banks be replenished anymore. The program will keep track of the employees sick time monthly.

Mike spoke about the Maternity leave pay increment issue that had been raised earlier this year. It has been settled and as a result now employees not at the top of the pay increment scale will accumulate their pay increments correctly. The pay increments will be retroactively calculated by Finance to February of 2017. A question was raised by either Kamira or Valerie (sorry can’t remember who) about employees who have ceased employment with the YHC but would still be entitled to this benefit. Mike spoke about revisiting this with HR.

Mike then spoke about the fact that PIPSC has a Level 2 grievance in process but it has stalled. John will speak to it later.

Mike then revealed that HR has decided that going forward all vacation requests will be granted by seniority.

Mike spoke to the fact that the new CA was finally signed in August of 2020.

Mike spoke about the use of the term “letter of expectations” that Stephanie Ralph put out in a newsletter to all staff with regards to performance appraisals. PIPSC put forth a request to change the title due to the disciplinary nature of the wording. Management assured PIPSC that this “letter of expectation” is not disciplinary in any way.

Mike spoke about the overpayment issue of 2017 that is still ongoing. Mike spoke about the fact that management does not have the edit sheets to prove that an overpayment exists.

Mike spoke about the issue that Pharmacy is facing. They have been informed that their hours will be changing from the current model to include now weekends and evenings. John suggested that there should be reclassification request being put into reflect the change.


Dawson City Community Hospital Report

Mike spoke to issues that have occurred in Dawson City this year. Currently there are only 4 or 5 PIPSC members working in Dawson City Hospital. The YHC continues to use travel nurses to back fill the vacancies.

A request was made from John about working with Cara Ryan for better language with regards to travel nurses. He suggested that there is potentially a policy grievance based on discrimination on a non-prohibitive ground. John also suggested that a joint meeting might be a good idea between FNHA/YHC/Federal nurses to talk about the issue of retention of casual nurses in a remote setting (i.e. the YHCs requirement of a permanent Yukon address).

John also spoke about the need to have an honest discussion about the demographics of the challenges coming in nursing BEFORE the next negotiation rounds. ? Is it cheaper to bring in a travel nurse or hire a supernumery person to cover sick/vacation time?


Treasurers Report

Mike spoke to the fact that there is $2,829.95 in the group account currently. He said that the last cheque had been written in March 2020.


Classification Committee

Kathleen spoke to the fact that COVID-19 greatly impacted this committee. Kathleen also brought up a concern with the lack of concern from HR about an appeal for a position that had been filed in August 2020 with no communication about when it would be heard.


Education Committee

Sharlene spoke to the fact that due to COVID-19 there had not been many applications this year for funding.  She also mentioned that the funding is still available to those who apply.


Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Mike spoke to that fact that there is no union representation on this committee. Sharlene stepped forward and will now be the union representative.

Mike also spoke about the fact that YHC has developed a Non Violent Crisis Intervention training program that will be mandatory for all employees of YHC.


Pension Committee

Sharlene spoke about the review of the commuted value transfer that occurs when an employee leaves the corporation.

Sharlene spoke about the solvency payment and the extension of payment freeze that occurred due to COVID-19.

Sharlene spoke about how there has been talk about no education sessions for employees until COVID-19 is declared finished.

Sharlene spoke about the fact that contribution rates will be decreased again for the year of 2021.

Sharlene spoke to the fact that PIPSC requested that a reciprocal transfer agreement be reopened with regards to the Federal Superannuation.


Watson Lake Community Hospital

Katherine spoke to the restructuring that occurred with an ACP who works as an RN.

Katherine spoke about several agency nurses from Ontario being used to fill the gaps in the staffing from vacancies.

Katherine spoke about the improvement of continuity of care due to having 5 permanent core doctors now.

Katherine spoke about the recent newspaper article that revealed the housing issues with regards to the number of pets that Yukon Housing allows. YHC rents housing from Yukon Housing for the agency staff and this could have a huge impact on the staffing.

Katherine spoke about the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Watson Lake and the impact that it had on the members out there. The unfortunate death of one of the COVID-19 cases had a large impact.


 Confirmation of Positions

By acclamation Sharlene is the Vice President and Kathleen is the Secretary.



Mike went through the budget worksheet that PIPSC has provided.

Mike went through some quick numbers to show what the budget could potentially be for 2021. The budget is approved by the Executive group. Sharlene moved the motion and Kathleen seconded it. The motion is carried.

New Business Agenda

  1. Amy Genier (gift)
  2. Steward recruitment
  3. Sick time re: COVID-19
  4. Members with lingering issues
  5. Seniority update
  1. Amy Genier (gift)

Mike began by asking if the group would like to present Amy with a gift in recognition of the service that she has provided to the members and PIPSC over the years. Mike spoke about the fact that PIPSC has a provision within policy for a gift up to $250.00. Mike then asked the group for suggestions about what to get Amy.

Suggestions made were a spa package (Head to Toe/Elements), a gift card to Canadian Tire.

Val said that she would talk with Amy about what she would like and get back to Mike.

  1. Steward Recruitment

Mike spoke about the fact that PIPSC has lost several stewards this year, Mike Symerozium/Stephanie Tremblay/Joanne Hager-Raats.

Mike asked the group about how to recruit more stewards. Sharlene brought up using marketing and recruitment items from PIPSC. Mike spoke that he would reach out to Rob McDonald to find out what was available.

  1. Sick Time re: COVID-19

Mike spoke about the process of how HR will manage an employee’s sick leave. HR has indicated that if an employee has run out of sick bank hours then they will go to the employee’s bank hours to cover the leave and then if there is not enough in the banks then the employee will be without pay for the sick time.

Mike spoke about the fact that there are specific circumstances that have to be met for the COVID-19 self-isolation period now. Mike also spoke about the change in HRs stance that if an employee travels currently in the new state of COVID-19 and it is not for medical reasons, the employee will be expected to self-isolate with no pay.


  1. Members with Lingering Issues

Kamira spoke to the question of what happens with members who have lingering issues after they have left the corporation.

John replied that there  is in the CA a provision of coverage of 3 months post-employment and possibly longer if there has been counselling involved.

Kamira will touch base with John to get clarification about this.

  1. Seniority Update

Mike spoke to the update from HR with regards to a member resigning to go casual within the YHC. According to HR the seniority for all members who have resigned to go casual will be reset December 31, 2020. The member’s seniority will be reset to reflect the date that they went casual, and then if they were rehired into a substantive position the seniority will reflect that new date.

Mike spoke to the fact that HR will be responsible for informing the affected members of this decision prior to the readjustment.

John spoke about the need to counsel members about the fact that this gives the YHC the power to deny the member being rehired if YHC deems them to be unfitting.


Meeting was adjourned at 1850.

Kathleen Chapman December 5, 2020





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