The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Hello WTEG members,


As we kick off another round of bargaining, we would like to remind you that your interest and participation are critical as we start the process of renewing our collective agreement. 


Your team, along with the WPEG bargaining team, participated in a PIPSC negotiations training on May 5-8th.  We also met with our designated PIPSC employment relations officer, Sean Kemball, to discuss issues in our current contract. Planning and training will continue through the summer in preparation of face-to-face negotiations with the company, scheduled to start this fall.


As the negotiations proceed, your team is committed to post updates after each bargaining session. An on-site town hall is scheduled for May 22nd to kick off negotiations. A bargaining survey to assess your concerns relating to the next contract. We will hold regular all-member town halls on site to provide you with the opportunity for bargaining updates and Q&A sessions. 

If you have any questions, concerns or issues you would like brought up during the negotiations, please contact any member of your bargaining team.


In solidarity, 

Mike Fitkowsky, Neal Schultz, Nolan Weselak, Richard Abraham, Calvin Bruneau, Steven Tresidder, Rob Gowryluk

WTEG Bargaining Team, PIPSC