Dear Members,

As many of you are aware, your WTEG & WPEG negotiating committee is very close to entering into conciliation with the employer and is trying its best to secure a contract that balances both a good work life & personal life for all the members in WTEG and WPEG.

In support, to show that our work and personal life should be balanced, we ask for your help this week, prior to the scheduled conciliation meetings on September 19-21 (Wed-Fri), by wearing the T-shirts that have been handed out to you.

We humbly request that you all wear your T-Shirts on Monday and Tuesday (September 17 & 18).

This will send a strong message to CNL management & AECL. We all believe a good balance between our work and personal lives matters.

We are striving for a fair contract and among many important items we want to convey that

· Fair Pay Matters

· Fair work Schedule Matters

· Fair Leave Schedule Matters

· Fair Recognition for work Matters

Please show your support to your fellow brothers and sisters in union by wearing the T-Shirts on Monday and Tuesday and by talking with your peers about why a fair contract matters.

We appreciate your support.

Warm Regards,

WTEG/WPEG Bargaining Team