SP Yukon Sub-Group Annual General Meeting
 Minutes for Thursday, November 2, 2017
 11:45 to 13:15
Elijah Smith Building at 300 Main Street, Room 3A

In Attendance:
Ellen Sedlack (INAC)    
Tomas Landry (PIPSC)        
Michael Lemmon (INAC)        
Kate Andre (INAC)        
Jennifer Harding (DFO)

1.    Approval of the Agenda – Reviewed and approved

a.    Motioned by Michael

b.    Seconded by Kate

c.    All in favour

2.    Elections

a.    President

i.    Ellen Sedlack – nominated by Mike, nomination accepted

b.    Vice President

i.    Michael Lemmon – nominated by Ellen, nomination accepted

c.    Secretary

i.    Jennifer Harding – nominated by Kate, nomination accepted

d.    Treasurer

i.    Kate Andre – nominated by Ellen, nomination accepted

3.    Discussion of Budget

a.    Tomas outlined the budget available to hold meetings throughout the year.  An annual allowance is based on the number of Regular members in each constituent body as of December 31 of the previous year.  Annual allowances enable the constituent group to defray the normal cost of conducting their business - Section on page 16 of the PIPSC By-Laws and Regulations
b.    Sub-Groups will receive the greater between the following options:

1.    Base amount of $750, plus $10 per member per year for the first 1,000 members and $3 per member per year in excess of 1,000 members

2.    $10 per member per year for the first 2,000 members and $8 per year if there are more than 2,000.

ii.    The annual allocation for constituent bodies in Yukon will be increase by 120% as it is defined as a remote area under section 110.7(1) of the Canadian Income Tax Act.
iii    With 29 members currently in Yukon, this gives the SP Yukon Sub-Group $1,040 [($750+($10 ×29))×1.2] per year to conduct their business.  
c. The funding cap for constituent body entitled to an annual allowance of $2,000 or less will receive the less of the amount necessary to restore the balance of the actual funds on hand on December 31 to three (3) times the annual allowance itself.
d. Important information about annual allocations, acceptable use of funds and other financial matters for Sub-Group accounts and reimbursements can be found here: http://www.pipsc.ca/portal/page/portal/website/memberservices/forms/policy_docs/policy_body_finances

4. New Business
a. The new SP Collective Agreement can be found here:
It expires September 30, 2018.
i. PIPSC members are encouraged to discuss issues surrounding pay and other topics (e.g. leave, professional integrity, recruitment/retention problems) with the Sub-Group President.  The President can then forward the Sub-Group’s concerns to regional representation, which can be used for future bargaining.
ii. As part of the new collective agreement, 20.6 hours per fiscal year has been allocated for professional development for SP employees.  This falls outside of the Performance Management System and does not include training that is required to perform regular employee duties.
b. Members At Large
i. The Sub-Group is seeking 2-3 members at large, particularly members from unrepresented groups and departments (e.g. Environment Canada).
c. PIPSC By-Laws governing Sub-Groups can be found in Section 10.2, page 7:

5. Round Table
a. None

6. The meeting was adjourned at 13:15.