Minutes of Annual General Meeting

ST. ANDREWS SP sub-group

THE professional institute of the public service of canada

17 NOVEMBER 2021, 12:00 P.m.



In attendance: M. Barrett, L. Cooper, S. Leadbeater, R. Martin, C. Mussells, R. Singh, I. Andrushchenko, S. Boyne-Travis , M. Finley, M. Greenlaw, T. Minch, D. Busawon, C, O’Laughlin, B. Quinn, C. Regnier-McKellar (virtual), B. Reinhart, T. Small, A. Debertin, C. Harvey.

The meeting was called to order at 12:40.

  1. Additions to agenda.


  1. Treasurer’s report (Treasurer position vacant, presented by S. Leadbeater).

Motion to Approve Treasurer’s Report: T. Minch

Seconded: B. Quinn

Vote: approved unanimously

It was noted that events could not occur in 2020 due to restrictions on gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Nominations and elections for executive

The 2-year terms for the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary were open for nominations in the SP group.

S. Leadbeater was nominated for President by R. Singh and seconded by M. Finley. There was no other nomination and as a result S. Leadbeater was elected by acclamation.

C. O’Laughlin was nominated for Vice President by B. Reinhart and seconded by T. Small. There was no other nomination and as a result C. O’Laughlin was elected by acclamation.

T. Minch was nominated for Treasurer by C. Regnier-McKellar and seconded by B. Reinhart. There was no other nomination and as a result T. Minch was elected by acclamation.

M. Finley was nominated for Secretary by R. Singh and seconded by A. Debertin. There was no other nomination and as a result M. Finley was elected by acclamation.

  1. President’s report (S. Leadbeater)

S. Leadbeater discussed SP updates.

Steve mentioned attending the national PIPSC meetings (virtually).

  • The main discussion at meetings was accommodations due to COVID such as ergonomics and working-at-home models.
  • Suggested that increased attendance at national meetings was encouraged.
  • Contract renewal committee was selected to begin work ahead of the contract expiring in October 2022.
  1. Adjournment at 12:50.

Motion to Adjourn: C. O’Laughlin

Seconded: B. Reinhart