Saskatchewan SP Subgroup Executive Meeting

February 20, 2018


Fireside Bistro


Name / Employer / E-mail

Lynne Quinnett-Abbott, Vice-President ECCC Lynne.Quinnett-Abbott@canada.ca

Daniel Ingram, Treasurer ECCC Daniel.Ingram@canada.ca

Patrick Cherneski, Member-at-large  AAFC  Patrick.Cherneski@agr.gc.ca

Daniel Vermeulen, Secretary RCMP Daniel.Vermeulen@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

Rolfe Antonowitsch, President  AAFC Rolfe.Antonowitsch@agr.gc.ca

  1. Opening and approval of agenda
    1. Meeting called to order by Rolfe Antonowitsch at 12:05 pm.
    2. Motion #1: Approval of the agenda motioned by Patrick Cherneski, seconded by Rolfe Antonowitsch.
  2. South Saskatchewan AGM Debrief
    1. Lunch was confirmed by the majority of members as being the preferred AGM time.
    2. 2018 AGM is tentatively scheduled for October or early November in the James Room at Victoria’s Tavern.
    3. Elections:        
      1. ~ Two weeks prior to the 2018 AGM solicit candidacy interest for executive committee.
      2. ~1 week prior to 2018 AGM distribute biographies for running candidates.
  3. Financial Update
    1. 2018-19 allotment was received.
    2. We are in good financial standing.
  4. Event Planning
    1. Event 1: Lunch and Learn
      1. Location: AAFC (ECCC is lacking attendance to justify holding a separate meeting). Topic: Bargaining Survey
      2. Action Item #1: Daniel Vermeulen to send out Doodle for date selection once Bargaining Survey is distributed.
      3. Action Item #2: Rolfe to book boardroom at AAFC
    2. National SP plans to give direction on future Lunch and Learn topics
    3. Event 2: Spring Social – Lynne Quinnett-Abbott and Patrick Cherneski to lead.
    4. Event 3: Lunch and Learn – maybe
    5. Event 4: South Saskatchewan AGM
  5. Other Business
    1. Patrick Cherneski has been appointed to the Science Advisory Committee.
    2. Appoint a new secretary.
    3. Action Item #3:  Daniel Ingram to verify executive member replacement procedure in the Bylaw.
  6. Next Meeting
    1. Plan to meet in late March.
    2. Action Item #4: Daniel Vermeulen to send out Doodle poll for a March meeting.
  7. Adjourn
    1. Daniel Vermeulen motioned to adjourn the meeting, Daniel Ingram seconded.
    2.  Meeting adjourned at 12:55pm.