The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

South Saskatchewan SP Subgroup Executive Meeting

 March. 29, 2018
Social Hall


Name Employer  E-mail
Lynne Quinnett-Abbott, Vice-President  ECCC
Daniel Ingram, Treasurer ECCC
Patrick Cherneski, Member-at-large AAFC
Daniel Vermeulen, Secretary RCMP
Rolfe Antonowitsch, President   AAFC


1    Opening and approval of agenda
1.1    Meeting called to order by Rolfe Antonowitsch at 12:00 pm.
1.2    Motion #1: Approval of the agenda motioned by Daniel Vermeulen, seconded by Rolfe Antonowitsch.

2    Event Planning
2.1    Event 1: Lunch and Learn
2.1.1    Location: AAFC
2.1.2    Action Item #1: Rolfe to book boardroom at AAFC once dates are confirmed.
2.1.3    Topic: Nix Phoenix Presentation
2.1.4    Action Item #2:  Patrick to send out a Doodle Poll to select a suitable date.

3    Other Business
3.1    Daniel Vermeulen has resigned his position as Secretary, effective April 11/2018. Patrick Cherneski has been appointed to the Secretary position until elections can be held at the next AGM in the fall.
3.2    Bill Bristol has been appointed to Member-At-Large until elections can be held at the next AGM in the fall.
3.3    Action Item #3: Initiate process to get Patrick Cherneski signing authority on the SP South Saskatchewan financial accounts.

4    Adjourn
4.1    Rolfe Antonowitsch motioned to adjourn the meeting, Daniel Ingram seconded.
4.2     Meeting adjourned at 12:45pm.