Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

SP Halifax Sub-Group

2018 Annual General Meeting

Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


The meeting began at 5:30 pm with a meal served by MC Food Service Solutions from the kitchen at Bedford Institute of Oceanography.

Following the meal, at 5:45 pm, Sub-Group President Patrick Potter called the meeting to order.

The agenda for the evening was approved by all. Minutes from the previous Sub-Group AGM were also approved as submitted.

  • Financial update
  • 2018 Budget
  • Elections to the Executive
  • Sick Leave Replacement Plan – an update

President’s Welcome – Patrick Potter

Sitting Sub-Group President Patrick Potter welcomed those in attendance and delivered a report on the sub-group’s activities throughout the past year. The report mentioned various events supported by the sub-group (e.g. family Christmas parties, contribution to a Day of Mourning wreath, various engagement sessions).

The President indicated that he would not be re-offering for the position of President in the current sub-group elections, stating rather his desire to run for Secretary-Treasurer. The report ended with his acknowledgement of the guidance and support that he had received during his tenure from the existing and previous sub-group executives.

Financial Update – Jim McMillan

The financial update began with sitting Treasurer, Jim McMillan, presenting the financial statement for 2017. Acceptance of the report moved by J. McMillan, seconded by P. Potter. The financial statement was received unanimously.

Sub-Group Budget 2018 – Jim McMillan

Following this, the Treasurer introduced the 2018 budget; moved by J. McMillan, seconded by M. Phillips.

Jim McMillan raised the idea of the Sub-Group offering a gift to retiring SP members. During the ensuing discussion, concerns were raised about the amount and the number of retirements on the horizon and whether this would break us financially. A demographic study was suggested to help predict the impact this policy would have on sub-group finances. Sub-Group support for the idea was moved by Jim McMillan and seconded by Patrick Potter.

Two amendments to the proposed budget were approved and resulted in a budget expenditure reduction of $700.

The 2018 Sub-Group budget was passed, as amended, unanimously.

Sub-Group Elections – Elections Committee: Chris Jauer and Michelle Phillips

Chris Jauer and Michelle Phillips acted as an election committee overseeing the sub-group executive elections: The following sub-group executive positions were up for election:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • 4 Member-at-Large positions

The Elections Committee presented the nominations that they had received for each position up for election and welcomed nominations from those present at the AGM.

The results are as follows (all by acclamation):

President – Leslie Nasmith

Vice-President – Jim McMillan

Secretary-Treasurer – Patrick Potter

Members-at-Large: Daphne Themelis, DFO; Scott Coffen-Smout, DFO; Shelly Curlew, HC

The remaining members-at-large have one more year in their terms: Chris Jauer, NRCan; Lee Titus, ECCC; Jeremy March, ECCC; Sharon Noel, HC.

The following members-at-large will be leaving the executive: Wendy Sanford, ECCC; Michelle Phillips, HC, Shannan Murphy, DFO.

Employee Wellness Update (EWSP) – Patrick Potter

Patrick Potter gave an overview of the Employee Wellness Support Plan. This was followed by a discussion where members voiced some concerns over certain details. Members concerns include: Group Bargaining for this benefit could result in inequities; a lack of confidence that the Treasury Board can manage the electronic changes.

There was general agreement that a lunch-and-learn on the topic should be held soon.

Meeting adjourned at 7 pm