Retirement Gift

The PIPSC SP Halifax Sub-Group Executive is pleased to acknowledge the service of our Regular members with a well-earned retirement gift.

Effective January 1, 2019, and following confirmation of your retirement from the Public Service, the SP Halifax Sub-Group will issue you a cheque for $69.60 – yours to use as you like.  Please note that $69.60 is exactly the cost of PIPSC membership for one year as a retiree.  A coincidence maybe? ☺

Eligible employees are PIPSC Regular members classified as AC, AG, BI, CH, FO, MT, PC, SG-SRE or SG-PAT and working anywhere on the mainland of Nova Scotia (Greenwood, Halifax, Halifax DND and Kentville Branches).

Those interested and eligible must notify the Sub-Group Executive of your retirement.  Please contact any member of our SP Halifax Sub-Group Executive for details.


Your SP Sub-Group Executive