Gander SP Subgroup

Annual General Meeting

Meeting Minutes

19 January 2017

Lily’s Landing Restaurant  Gander, NL


Executive Members: Employer - Email

Dan Jubainville, President - ECCC -

Devon Telford, Vice-President/Secretary - ECCC -

Brent Tompkins, Treasurer - ECCC -

General Members: Employer

Allison Sheppard ECCC

Wanda Batten ECCC

Tabea Fiechter ECCC

Alex Kleminsky ECCC

Dale Foote ECCC

Dan Huang ECCC

Rodney Barney ECCC

Justin Boudreau ECCC

Rob Carroll ECCC

David Neil ECCC

Jennifer Lee ECCC

Mike Vanden Berg ECCC

1.0 Opening

1.1 Meeting called to order by President Dan Jubainville at 19:22 hrs.

1.2 Roll call.

2.0 Approval of the Agenda

2.1 Motion to accept by Devon Telford, seconded by Brent Tompkins.

2.2 Motion carried. Agenda approved.

3.0 Adoptions of the Minutes from the 2016 Gander Sub-Group AGM

3.1 Allison Sheppard found one typo in the minutes.

ACTION #1: Devon Telford will fix the typo and submit the minutes to PIPSC to be posted.

3.2 Motion to accept by Allison Sheppard. Seconded by Wanda Rideout.

3.3 Motion carried. Minutes adopted.

4.0 Business Arising from Minutes

4.1 No outstanding business.

5.0 President’s Report

5.1 President Dan Jubainville provided an overview of some of the activities that were undertaken by the Sub-Group over the past year and thanked the members who participated.

5.2 Devon Telford moved that the Report of the President be accepted, seconded by Dave Neil.

5.3 Report of the President approved as is.

6.0 Financial Report

6.1 Treasurer Brent Tompkins provided an overview of the finances. The sub-group is currently in good financial standing.

6.2 Brent Tompkins moved that the financial report be accepted, seconded by Devon Telford.

6.3 Financial report approved as is.

7.0 Family Activity

7.1 The group discussed ideas for a family activity, they included;

o a trip to the Aviation Museum,

o a trip to the Nordic Ski Club,

o a BBQ,

o ice skating.

The SP executive will try and plan something at an upcoming meeting.

8.0 Bargaining Update

8.1 Dan Jubainville highlighted some point from the current agreement that has yet to be ratified.

9.0 Elections

9.1 Elections were conducted for the executive position of Treasurer. The Election Chair was Dan Jubainville. Nominations were accepted prior to the meeting and from the floor during the meeting.

9.2 Justin Boudreau nominated Brent Tompkins.

9.3 Brent Tompkins was acclaimed to the position of Treasurer.

10.0 Other Business

10.1 None

11.0 Adjournment

11.1 Motion to adjourn made by Dan Jubainville, seconded by Justin Boudreau.

11.2 Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 20:45 hrs.

Respectfully submitted,

//Original Signed By//

Devon Telford
Gander SP Sub-Group