PIPSC SP 501 University Crescent Sub-group Executive Meeting Minutes:

Date: 9-April-2020 at 2:00-3:00pm CST


MS TEAMS Meeting

In attendance:  Kevin Jacobs (President), Jody Willis (Vice President) and Chandra Rodgers (Treasurer & Secretary)

Regrets: None

Budget: Sub-Groups are entitled to $xx per member per year and $xxx to cover the cost of a meeting room. The FWI sub-group 2020 annual allowance will therefore be in the amount of $xxxx which will be deposited in your bank account once open. To open the account we need to sign the signature cards and mail in with photocopies of our IDs.

In addition to this budget, we can also have lunch or dinners when we have sub-group meetings.

Action Item: Return signature cards as soon as we get back to the office.

Ideas for the year-events: Will be put on hold for now until we know more about when we’ll be back in the office (likely not for another few months). Some ideas/examples for now:

  • Respect week sponsoring the respect jeopardy
  • Lunch and learn (ERO – Jeff Rider)
  • Guest speaker on the collective agreement
  • Guest speaker on scientific integrity
  • Talking about conference attendance in the collective agreement and getting support to go to conferences from managers
  • Speaker on workplace adjustment and our rights if there were potential cuts
  • After the 100th anniversary of PIPSC, could have an interesting talk on the labor history at DFO


Newsletters are currently in the Google Drive folder:

Newsletter #2 still in the cue with PIPSC & is getting translated. Hopefully it will get sent out soon.

Action item: for Newsletter #3 add more teleworking tips & working safely at home during Covid-19. Also note that all PIPSC related events have been put on hold until further notice.

Subgroup AGM:

Executive officers election will be put on hold for now.

Can do the AGM at DFO or offsite. Could maybe do it at Stone Angel with a guest speaker & bring in our own food. To be planned in more detail when we get back to the office.

Executive recruitment:

Discussed expanding interim executive