Ian Shaw

Ian Shaw


Correctional Service of Canada

Abbotsford, BC

Union Experience:

2017 - Current - Member of the SH Bargaining Team

2017 - Current - Vice President of the PIPSC Fraser Valley Branch

2017 - Current - Representative of PIPSC at Local Management Consultation

2016 - Current - Member at Large - SH CSC Pacific Sub Group

2016- Current - PIPSC Steward

My predecessors had a wealth of union experience and encouraged me to get involved. I thank them for giving me an opportunity to represent the membership. I understand what both young and experienced workers are looking for in a union representative and I will use that knowledge to benefit the members. I began my career in CSC at a young age and have continued to learn about our legacy throughout my union involvement.

PIPSC needs union representation from the younger generation because there needs to be a succession plan to continue the hard work of the PIPSC membership. I am committed to being a voice of our members for the foreseeable future and will provide continuity of strong union values and hard work throughout my career. 

I bring experience from working in a variety of settings and institutions in the Pacific Region. From my time in CSC I have worked in multidisciplinary settings with various health care professionals. I have had the opportunity to hear the views of many disciplines and occupations and will advocate for all health professionals. I believe the concerns of all members in every discipline and profession are important to the overall vision and future of PIPSC. 

I bring a unique blend of youth and experience in CSC and union engagement that will benefit the membership today and in the future. I would feel privileged to represent you on the SH Executive team.