The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Retired Members Guild - Vancouver Chapter

Annual General Meeting Minutes 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Central City Brew Pub, 13450 102 Ave., Surrey, BC V3T 5X3


Executives Present

Raj Utkhede  (President)

Tom Chang  (Vice-President)

Barbara Aweryn  (Treasurer)

Wayne Wynn  (Secretary)

Lyle Reid

Colin McBride


Don Burns, National RMG Member for BC

Rob MacDonald, PIPSC BC-Yukon Regional Director

Ted Molyneaux, PIPSC Vancouver Chapter President

Rick Gammer, President, Fraser Valley Branch

Other Members

11 additional general retired members present (Total attendance: 21)


Action Item


Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 12:15 pm. Introductory remarks by the President.


Meeting agenda adopted. (MSC)

No business arising from the minutes.


Don Burns, National RMG Member for BC

Travel insurance is now or will be better than that offered through NAFR; analysis currently under way; results are to be shared with PIPSC members when done. RMG membership lists being updated. Better funding formulas for Chapters being worked on.

Rob MacDonald, PIPSC BC-Yukon Regional Director 

Comments on National PIPSC issues such as Phoenix, the upcoming federal election, impact of Artificial Intelligence, and joint funding.

Ted Molyneaux, PIPSC Vancouver Branch President

More involvement by retired members encouraged. E.g., retired members can attend Branch AGM. Branch encouraging more involvement by members. E.g., movie day next May 25.


Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report (May 2, 2018 to April 30, 2019), handed out to all present.

Details of the report provided by Barbara.

Financial Statements accepted (MSC)


Two positions open: President and Treasurer

Raj Utkhede and Geoff Kendell nominated; both accepted.

Positions to be determined at next Executive meeting, probably in June.

Round Table

Lyle mentioned some strategies for dealing with Phoenix issues.

Rick said that combining a nature tour with a meeting and lunch helped get more members out.

Tom encouraged members to join NAFR.


Meeting adjourned at 1:55 PM.


2022-Apr-26: Minutes approved (MSC) with one amendment: Meeting was called to order at 12:15 pm, not 12:15 am.