In attendance were:
Rick Sanschagrin     President            
Noel White    Treasurer     
Brian Wolfe    Member at Large
Don Eldershaw    Secretary & Communications
Guest speaker: Brenda Allard VP NS Central Branch National Association of Federal Retirees
Louisa Patterson, Jill Ceccolini, Anne Sheridan, Alice Dean, Gloria Sherman O’Brian, Madelane Chaisson, Corinne Shipton Steele, Don McDade
Absent: Gary Legassie
Meeting held at Smitty’s Lacewood 12:00 pm

Old Business - Action
The minutes of the last executive meeting were reviewed. - NFA

New Business - Action
Treasurer's report presented. - NFA
The remainder of the meeting was taken up by the presentation from the National Association of Federal Retirees on the subject of Bill C-27 and its possible implications to our pensions.
Following Q and A session gave the executive some direction on where we can action our concerns re: C-27.

Some of the main points were:

•    Educating RMG members
•    Communicating our concerns to our parliamentary representative.
•    Coordinating with PIPSC and retiree groups on an action strategy
•    Engaging currently employed union members on the effects of C-27

At or before the next executive meeting a plan of action will be formed.

Meeting ended at 2:00 Next meeting TBD. 12:00 PM at Smitty’s Lacewood