Retired Members Guild Nova Scotia Chapter Executive Meeting; Halifax
October 13, 2022

PRESENT: Gary Legassie, President; Don Eldershaw, Vice President; Noel White, Treasurer,
Anne Sheridan, Secretary; Don McDade, Member at Large; Brian Wolfe, Member at
Large; Michael Forbes, Member at Large

President called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM and welcomed everyone. Introduction of RMG member,
Michael Forbes, who recently relocated to Nova Scotia from Ontario.

Agenda adopted by show of hands.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES last meeting: Motion to approve the minutes of the May 12, 2022

1. Standardization of Chapter communications adopted as generally outlined in the document
entitled “PIPSC RMGNS Chapter Minutes Month Year.docx” format
2. Review of minutes: PIPSC RMGNS Chapter Minutes Sept 5 2019

NEW BUSINESS: Request PIPSC adopt a policy on climate change
Action Item: Don Eldershaw inquired about PIPSC developing a climate change policy at last national
meeting. He discovered that we have no policy. Tabled to our next meeting.
Invite a speaker to inform members on importance and what is involved in Estate Planning. Also a
speaker to inform members how to detect and protect themselves from Fraudulent activity at next AGM.
Action Item: Don Eldershaw to look into speakers available to inform on those topics.

TREASURERS REPORT: Noel White presented an overview of the Chapter finances and explained that
problems with access to the Chapter account had been rectified. We currently have $1438.89 in our BMO
account and it is anticipated that we are completely viable into next year. The RMG allotment has been
increased to $800.00 for the upcoming year.


1. Brian Wolfe spoke on the advantages of becoming a member of the National Association of
Federal Retirees (NAFR), Website:
2. Discussion on types of activities that retired members would be interested in attending.
3. Update data to produce a cost benefit analysis of the positive contribution of the RMG to
PIPSC; previously attempted by Don Burns in the past and more recently by Gary LeGassie (copy
to be presented at the next meeting.
4. Brian Wolfe regularly reports on important developments at the NAFR.

NEXT MEETING DATE: AGM January 12th 1:00 PM