Minutes of the General meeting N. S. CHAPTER May. 17, 2018

In attendance were:
Rick Sanschagrin President
Noel White Treasurer
Anne Sheridan Member at Large
Don Eldershaw Secretary & Communications
Guest speaker: Rebecca King Financial Investment Consultant


Gary Legassie, Tony Purchase, Don McDade

Absent: Brian Wolfe

Meeting held at Smitty’s Lacewood 3:30 pm

Old Business / Action

The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed. / NFA

Future speakers- health care, assisted living / Rick Sanschagrin

Social events consideration being given to joint planning of events with other Halifax groups and branches / Noel White/Don Eldershaw

Future members – Don Eldershaw has contact other Halifax groups and branches and requested they encourage their members to consider the RMG upon retirement / NFA

New Business /Action

Treasurer's report presented. Noel White noted that there are still some problems with the banking system set up by PIPSC. / Noel to follow up on bank problems

Tony Purchase spoke on the new initiatives for workplace health / NFA

Don Eldershaw as Atlantic RMG representative updated members on actions by the National Executive relative to C-27 and Phoenix. / NFA

The remainder of the meeting was taken up by the presentation from Rebecca King Financial Investment Consultant. She presented an overview of items to consider when members plan their retirement investments and also spoke on the importance of wills and estate planning.

Meeting ended at 6:00
Next Executive meeting Sept 13. 4:30 PM at Smitty’s Lacewood