Please find below the AGM Meeting minutes for the PIPSC RMG - Avalon Chapter for October 19, 2017:

In Attendance:

Gary Moore - President

Doris Robinson - Vice-President

Brian MacPhee - Secretary / Treasurer

June Troke - RMG Member

Old Business:

As this is our first AGM, there is no "old" business at this time.

New Business:

1.  President Gary Moore presented copies of the RMG Constitution & By-Laws to the members.  The constitution and by-laws were reviewed.  No further action (NFA) required.

2.  President Gary Moore presented copies of the Guidelines for Email Communications to the members.  The Guidelines for Email Communications was reviewed.  NFA required.

3. President Gary Moore presented Bill 27: Understanding Canadian Pensions to the members.  This document was reviewed and discussed with concerns raised about the possible changes to Retired Members pension.  Clarification from the National RMG Executive will be requested when Bill 27 is closer to enactment.

4.  Treasurer Brian MacPhee presented the RMG - Avalon Chapter's budget.  According to direction from the National Executive, the RMG - Avalon Chapter must apply for funding (see excerpt from National Executive email below):

"You can then apply for your annual allocation which in your case  would be $500. I am copying our National  Treasurer , Richard Rice, on this email and he will be able to provide you will all the info dealing  with finances."

President Gary Moore indicated he would follow up on applying for funding.

5.  The Executive determined that the first RMG - Avalon Chapter Executive meeting would be held on/about February 22.  The actual date and time to be determined later.

6.  The Executive determined that a new list of current members in the Avalon geographic area should be requested from the National Executive.  President Gary Moore to follow up.

7.  The Executive determined that the Regional Representative for the National RMG should be invited to the RMG - Avalon Chapter Executive meeting in February when the date and time has been finalized.  President Gary Moore to follow-up.

With no further new business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.