Union involvement is about building a community and camaraderie, so we’re taking bold steps to make this happen. Through a revamped education and training model, we are offering exciting new ways for stewards and members to be involved. When we build on the strengths of our members, the union can only grow stronger.

If your strength lies in working with people, spreading awareness on issues of importance in your workplace and the public service, and you are enthusiastic about helping colleagues, facilitating ready-made lunch and learn sessions may be for you! The slide deck is prepared, easy to use, and you are provided with guidance from in-house experts on the subject.

Preference will be given to individuals with facilitation experience, and an ability to commit to three (3) sessions per year. Stewards and those with an interest in pensions and benefits will be given special consideration.

This opportunity is specific to facilitation of pensions and benefits lunch and learns, but other topics will be available, so don’t hesitate to express your interest.

Be part of the change, get involved today!

Help us build a new education and training model!

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Please get in touch with us by end of day, November 23, 2018

Education and Training Model
Are you a Steward?
Experience facilitating learning sessions?
Interest in pensions and benefits
Can you commit to facilitating three sessions per year?