JUNE 8, 2017




Pat Kinnear, President, Atlantic

Sue Ramsay, Vice President, BC/Yukon

Charlotte Strandlund, Secretary, Prairie/NWT

Richard Rice, Treasurer, NCR

Elie Ahad, Quebec

Bill Giggie, NCR

Terry Sing, NCR, Friend of the Committee


Nita Saville NCR

GUESTS:       None

1.         CALL TO ORDER

Pat called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.


Sue moved acceptance of agenda, seconded by RichardRice. Motion Carried


Charlotte Strandlund moved approval of the minutes as amended, Seconded by Sue Ramsay, Motion Carried

Amended changes were to correct some spelling errors and to add the NCR REO report as submitted by Nita Saville.


- Page 1. Creation of Benefits Committee, this is an ongoing item.

3.1       Ongoing

4.1.3 – Elie Ahad contacted Andrew Gize regarding Service Plus Group Travel Insurance. Andrew advised Elie that the Institute has no information pertaining to the number of insured members and claims complaints. The Group would have to contact the Insurance Company directly. .  Action item completed


4.1       Treasurer Richard Rice distributed a document entitled 2017 RMG Budget Review.

Motion: Sue Ramsay moved that in future when the group pays for meals and when the treasurer submits the bill and the finance department declines to pay the receipt because they have already reimbursed the member.   The treasurer will ask the President to request the reimbursement from the member. Seconded by Elie Ahad. Motion: Carried

4.2       REO Expenses Guidelines

4.2.1    The Executive discussed the need to set some policy around what REO expenses are to be used for. 

4.2.2    Chapter Funds are to be set up with BMO accounts as PIPSC Finance regulations. President Kinnear advised the executive that he would draft a set of guidelines for each member to follow when spending REO allowances. Action item for President Pat Kinnear

4.3       Chapter Funds

Chapter funds are to be deposited into each Chapter BMO account, as per PIPSC Policy.

4.4       Alternative Executive Meeting Suggestions

The Executive discussed the feasibility of having a Skype or teleconference meeting in place of our regular face to face executive meetings. The overall opinion from most of the executive was that Skype or teleconference meetings would not be as effective as face to face meetings.

4.5       RMG Brochure entitled So You’re Retired, Great but what now.

Richard Rice presented his Brochure for comments and suggestions from the executive.

4.6       Treasurer Richard Rice, moved acceptance of the finance report as distributed, seconded by Sue Ramsay,

Motion Carried.

4.7       Deferred GTA Motion for additional funding;

Motion: Sue Ramsay moved to move the motion from deferment as the Ontario Chapter advised that they will not be requesting additional funding at this time. Seconded Richard Rice.

Motion Carried.

5.         REPORTS


PIPSC will be filing a policy grievance against the government of Canada over the PHOENIX issues.

Bill C27 has currently been put into abeyance. We as a group will have to be vigilant that they do not hide this in the future in an omnibus bill where it is missed before we can take further action.

President’s complete report is attached to these minutes.


Sue Ramsay presented the report.

Note report is attached to these minutes.

5.2.1    Chapter Presidents or Alternate to attend RMG AGM

Pat Kinnear will send the amendment to Policy point 9.1 to allow Chapter Presidents or alternate be able to attend the RMG/AGM to policy and BOD for approval so it can be presented at our RMG/AGM in November 2017. So hopefully it will be in effect for our 2018 RMG/AGM

5.2.2 Motion Pat Kinnear moved that we abandon the Vision Committee and have a one and a half day meeting of the whole executive instead of having the vision committee.

Seconded by Sue Ramsay.

Motion defeated.

5.2.3 Motion Moved by Bill Giggie that Richard Rice be added as a member of the Vison Committee, Seconded by Richard Rice.

Motion Defeated.

5.3       REO REPORTS

Are attached to these minutes.


Are attached to these minutes.

6.0       RMG Election Update, Richard Rice and Bill Giggie

Notice has been posted on PIPSC RMG Site

Ballots will be counted on September 6th, 2017.


7.1       E-Mail Communications – Pat Kinnear

Pat presented a handout document that PIPSC Communications group have developed and had approved by the BOD to encourage all members to be respectful of the language used when communicating via emails. Pat Kinnear will ensure the document is posted on the RMG Website.


Tony Purchase supplied a copy of the by-law changes to the AV Group bylaws that would restrict Retired Members.  Terry Sing will be attending the AV AGM and will report back to the RMG on this proposed motion at the RMG September meeting.


President Kinnear will provide an email response to Ontario Chapter President Mike Seiden on his question regarding the role of the Ambassador position.

8.0.      ROUND TABLE

All Executive members were given the opportunity to add any additional items or comments.


Vision – September 13, 2017 – TAN 22110

RMG Executive -        September 14 – TAN 22109

RMG Executive – Morning November 16, 2017

RMG/AGM – Afternoon November 16, 2017


Sue Ramsay moved adjournment at 4:00 p.m.


Vision Committee Meeting Highlights- Sue Ramsay, Chair

  • Rice presented a paper copy of the RMG Financial Report. Budget Review and Statements for the members review and comments...
  • Email communications document was presented by Pat Kinnear outlining protocol suggested by PIPSC when sending out email correspondence.
  • RMG Chapter Boundaries document needs to be translated and then posted on the RMG website.
  • Sue Ramsay stated that funding for Victoria RMG Chapter has still not been provided as they have not set up a BMO account. Allotment will not be provided until the account has been put into place.
  • AV Group Resolution was discussed and will be brought forward to the RMG Executive meeting.
  • Terry Sing as Ambassodor was questioned by the Ontario RMG Chapter, Pat Kinnear will discuss at the RMG Executive meeting.
  • Lucienne Bahuaud was approved by the RMG Executive to attend the PIPSC AGM as an observer.
  • Richard Rice Treasurer suggest as a cost saving meetings could be held via video conference, skype or teleconference. The Vision Committee members felt that face to face meetings are required to complete all of the business items presented prior to the RMG esecutive meeting.
  • Retired Members Brochure, hard copy proved by Richard Rice was discussed. Comments will be provided to the RMG Executive meeting.
  • Sue Ramsay gave an update on the Retired members Survey. The working group is looking at three key questions that will be sent out to the BC Region first and then rolled out to the rest of the country via each Regional Director.
  • 100th Anniversary Update was presented, nest meeting will be held on September 12, 2017.

       Possibility of 100th Anniversay Scholarship.

  • Cost of RMG to PIPSC
  • Pat Kinnera to contact Denis Britt to enquire where the report is that was prepared by the PIPSC Finance Committee saying the RMG is a net contributor to PIPSC.
  • Newsletter was discussed as it is not being sent out in a timely manner. If the minutes are posted promptly perhaps there is not a need for the newsletter.

Presidents Reports – Pat Kinnear

RMG Executive Meeting –June 8, 2017

Guess what?  Still not fixed.

PIPSC is now filing policy grievances regarding the Phoenix pay system

After defending literally hundreds of individual member grievances related to the Phoenix pay system and lobbying the government for many months with no permanent fix in sight, PIPSC has filed a policy grievances against the federal government, accusing the Employer of continuously violating the terms of our collective agreements since the implementation of the new Phoenix pay system in February 2016.

Specifically, we state that the Employer has, among other things, “made continuous and on-going errors in pay, including but not limited to: failure to be paid, substantial delays, miscalculation, underpayments, overpayments, and inaccurate payments for overtime, extra duty pay, allowances, annual increments, retroactive pay, acting pay, promotional pay, payments in lieu of severance.”

In a second set of grievances, we are also grieving problems paying disability benefits and maternity/parental leave benefits as violations of our collective agreements and the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA).

Our members have shown remarkable patience and, in some instances, astonishing forbearance in coping with the problems and deprivations imposed by the government’s failure to accurately and reliably pay the salaries our members are owed.

Our demands that the Employer “immediately pay all monies owed,” “pay members accurately and in a timely manner” and, “process all information related to disability and maternity/parental benefits in a timely manner” are fair and reasonable demands to make under what for many have been – and remain – extremely trying circumstances.

Under Canadian labour law, individual union members are prohibited from filing class action suits and are obligated to seek remedies through established grievance procedures. We hope that today’s policy grievances expedite resolution of a problem that should never have been allowed to occur in the first place and should never be allowed to happen again.

Debi Daviau

Also see the following link to CBC:

You can read many stories of folks with pay problems on the Facebook Group:

Federal Public Servants - Phoenix "Pay" System.

About 200 members, including many Retired members (Terry Sing and       Richard Rice included) marched to the Prime Minister’s office on May 5 protesting Bill C-27.

Only Radio Canada covered the protest as the other networks were covering the flooding

 In the NCR.

This bill must be stopped.

 An interesting piece on Bill C-27 was in the Hamilton Spectator.

See the following link

Also there is a lot of information on RMG Facebook page and the PIPSC website.


New Chapter in NL.

Thanks to the efforts of Brian MacPhee, the initial meeting of the Avalon Area chapter was held on May 17 in St. John’s, NL.

The following members were elected as officers:

Gary Moore-President, Doris Robinson-Vice President and 

Brian MacPhee-Secretary-Treasurer.

The first AGM is scheduled for the week of October 16-20, 2017.

Congratulations and welcome aboard.

Northern New Brunswick

A newly retired member from New Brunswick, Gilles Comeau whom I have known for a number of years is finishing his term as President of the Northern New Brunswick Branch. He wants to get involved in the Guild and we discussed his involvement at the ARC.

He is going to try to establish a chapter in Northern NB which would be the first for the province.

Atlantic Regional Council (ARC)

I was a delegate at the 74th ARC in Charlottetown May 26 and 27

I did a lot of networking on behalf of the Guild and received a lot of positive feedback.

It helps that I have been involved with the Atlantic Region for over 20 years, was Regional Director for three years and still have many connections in the Region.

 I have a good rapport with the Executive this only helps the RMG.

President Daviau was in attendance as well as Greg Scriver NCR Director who gave a very good analysis of Bill C-27 and its’ implications if it is ever adopted. 

The bill has been put in abeyance but not withdrawn.

Patrick Kinnear

President and REO Atlantic Region.

The follow is the report for BC/Yukon Region from April 2017 to June 2017.

the Chapters are gearing up for summer 2017.


Nil Report

The time between the Aprils report and now has not been very busy with RMG - BC/Yukon Report – June 6th 2017


The Vancouver Island Chapter tried to hold and information session but due to lack of interest the event was cancelled.


The Vancouver Chapter held its 2017 AGM on May 16th and it was very well attended.  There were a number of new retired members in attendance.  An election was held and a new Executive was elected.  Pat Morin decided not to put his name forward for the Executive this time.  I would like to say a very heart felt thank you to Pat for his years of services to the Chapter and PIPSC in general.

Susan E. Ramsay

QUEBEC REGIONAL REPORT (RMG National Executive Meeting /08 June2017)

Attended on 29 March 2017 the Executive Meeting of the RMG Quebec Chapter; the main topics discussed were:

 Preparatory discussions for the upcoming Quebec Chapter 2017 AGM.

 Elections: the three-year term of all members of the Quebec Chapter Executive expires in the fall of 2017.

 André Cantin (P, Quebec Chap) completed a Questionnaire requested by the Chair of the Consultation Table of Quebec Seniors.

Jean-Pierre Morency (Quebec Champion) informed the Executive of recent actions for the 100th Anniversary of the Institute.

Delay in posting of the Minutes of the Quebec Chapter Meetings on the Guild Website.

Andrew Gize (PIPSC) responded to my request regarding Service-Plus Group Travel Insurance. The Institute has no information pertaining to the number of insured members and claims complaints. To obtain such statistics, we should contact the Insurance Companies.

Attended on 05-06 May 2017 the Quebec Regional Council in Drummondville. Debi Daviau (P, PIPSC) and Valérie Charette (PIPSC Regional Representative) made presentations on the Phoenix problems; Stephane Aubry (VP, PIPSC) talked about Bill C-27.


Prairie/N.W.T Region Report

Submitted by REO Charlotte Strandlund

I do not have a lot to report from our last regular meeting. I continue to be busy with the Regina Branch and there activities.

Paul Shick, Winnipeg Chapter President enquired if Chapter Presidents or their alternate would be able to attend the 2017 RMG AGM. I told him that we had not had a reply from the BOD and would be discussing it at our June 7th meeting.

Edmonton Chapter did not have any comments or replies to my email request prior to this report.



APRIL 7, 2017 – June 6, 2017

The springtime is a busy time for PIPSC with all the AGMs taking place - it’s almost like people are happy that winter has finally ended & they can get out & do stuff. Some Board of Director members continue to be obstructionists making it difficult for the others to focus on the issues, hopefully the good weather will put them in a better mood.


AV SITUATION - The AV group has selected me to attend the AV AGM as an official Observer [which means they’ll cover my costs, allow me to speak but won’t give me a vote]. This will have to do for now. The AGM Chair has intentionally excluded retired members as delegates. I was the Election Chair for the AV Ottawa branch. 

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY [article] has gone viral (just kidding). It has been translated into French by the NCR regional & the Atlantic Regional Council has agreed to include it in their delegates’ package. I will be soliciting other AGM & Councils to include it in their delegate packages – some will, some won’t.

28th CLC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, MAY 8, Toronto – Everyone wanted to go & PIPSC has 110 delegate seats for the Convention but it costs approximately $8,000/delegate for the week long convention. I was among the 27 delegates selected to represent PIPSC. The selection criteria included: current CLC involvement; diversity representation; Executive reps; & so forth. In addition, I pointed out to the nay sayers, that my cost was less than half that of the others & would have been paid for out of the surplus that the RMG contributes to PIPSC annually. It was a really good conference where PIPSC achieved the objectives that I thought they should [see the separate Convention report].

May 6, PIPSC TREASURERS TRAINING [PILOT] – the long awaited Treasurer Training has finally landed. I applied as the PWGSC branch Treasurer & was selected to attend the pilot course. The course was OK but needs more work to be done. I haven’t completed the follow-up evaluation. The course moves on to Atlantic Canada. It appears that finance wants everyone to adopt the NEW method [which may just be a means for them to grab the money]. The system is too large for small budgets.


STOP BILL C-27 – continues to be very active. NAFR, OCPS [Ottawa Committee for Pension Security], Ottawa East branch, RMG, et al continue the fight. The OCPS held a Rally [in the pouring rain] at the Prime Minister’s Office. They were joined by PSAC delegates who were attending a conference in Ottawa. It made the 6 o’clock news. I was successful in bringing it to the attention of CLC convention delegates in Toronto with a banner that was also used in the CLC Rally/March. Madelaine Blais [r.m. & President of the Ottawa East branch] bought STOP C-27 string-backpacks & gave/loaned us some for the PIPSC delegates to put on their CLC delegate chairs. The fight goes on

ADVISORY COMMITTEE [AC] – The Working group & Advisory cmte met in April - not a lot to report.

SEMINAR SERIES – There was an administrative hiccup & the May 17 session was rescheduled to June 14 – it is titled, ‘Weed & Feed – Medical Marijuana’. There is nothing scheduled for over the summer but we resume in the fall [if we get a good crop – haha]

100th ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE – the researcher has been interviewed & hired; he begins in the summer. Plans still underway to have an old-timers get-together [hopefully before we pass away]. The RMG needs to complete & submit their hysterical, OOPS, historical write-up. More to come

NAFR [National Association of Federal Retirees] – still leading the fight on C-27. I managed the 18 InfoMart booths for the Spring General Meeting on May 2 where Diabetes was the theme speaker.

SENIORS ROUNDTABLE - CITY OF OTTAWA – Ottawa has agreed in principle to raise the FLAG on Seniors Day Oct 1. Several organizations [RMG, NAFR, COA, etc] are looking at maybe adding an event to the flag session. Ottawa produced an update on their seniors projects [see attached]

COUNCIL ON AGING [COA] – I facilitated another session on Health Literacy for Seniors regarding whether they would continue or not [they are looking for someone else to host the program].

OTHER PIPSC ACTIVITES – I been asked to Chair the Elections for the Centreville branch June 15 & I am on the Election cmte for the new DND Branch on June 17

This concludes my report


– 28th Constitutional Convention Report


I thought that PIPSC exceeded its goals but having said that, there were things that might be considered for the 2020 CLC Convention - PIPSC could:

  1. Hold the Caucus meeting on the Sunday afternoon before events begin
  2. Advise delegates who are the PIPSC’s preferred election candidates
  3. Ensure that the list of deceased PIPSC members are included on the Scroll of Fallen Workers
  4. Provide water bottles for our delegates
  5. Have an Information booth in the booth area for PIPSC & Service Plus [along with Catherine Gagnon]
  6. PIPSC TABLE name cards along with a marker to put in delegate names
  7. DO NOT bring table flags but do have the larger PIPSC flags for the rally
  8. REPEAT bringing - chair back covers, pads, pins, & so forth


BEFORE the convention began there were several questions to be answered: “who” would be selected to be PIPSC delegates; what would PIPSC’s identity look like; as well as exploring some of the CLC candidates running in the election. Although PIPSC is allowed 110 delegates, the Board decided the current budget could only support 20-30 delegates & some PIPSC staff to attend. Criteria were established including, but not limited to: people currently participating in CLC committees; equity representation; executive representation; & so forth. The President was then assigned the unenviable task of applying the criteria & selecting the delegates. PIPSC wanted to present a more cohesive & visible image at the convention so Emily Watkins, Catherine Gagnon, Gordon Bulmer, & I, among others, worked on this. PIPSC chair-back covers, table-top flags, notepads, pins & so forth were distributed to delegates attending the Sunday evening briefing/candidates for election speeches.

 SOME REASONS FOR PIPSC ATTENDING: There were several reasons for wanting to attend: support the defeat of Bill C-27; influence the selection of executive officers of the CLC; increase PIPSC’s diversity presence at the CLC; increase PIPSC’s visibility & support for the CLC & the CLC programs; form new, & strengthen existing, relationships within the social justice causes supported by PIPSC; to name a few. I am a participant in the CLC-Human Rights activities; I am a PIPSC liaison to the CLC-CURC committee; I am the alternate to the CLC-TWAG committee; & I very active on the “Defeat C-27 file”. It seemed reasonable for me to input to this convention which would be addressing these issues. Additionally, it only costs half as much as anyone else to have me as a delegate & even this is offset by the surplus that the RMG contributes to PIPSC.

SUNDAY MAY 7/17 - After hotel check-in, I went at 15:30 - to the Convention Centre [CC] & registered for the conference. At 16:00 - I went to the Human Rights Forum Volunteer briefing & help Laurie with the set up for the opening Human Rights kick-off event & got my assignment for the evening. 17:00 - Emily, Gord & I then went to the “Seating Lottery” where we were able to get seating with the Alliance & CUPW, which gave the government unions a higher profile. 17:30 – Helped to set up the PIPSC caucus room. 18:30 – Attended my work shift at the Human Rights Forum, “Disruption is Power”. Angela Davis gave a powerful presentation. 20:30 – Met PIPSC delegates as they arrived & handed them information & materials, answered questions, and listened to candidates speeches. 

MONDAY MAY 8/17 – 07:45 before the doors opened, Gord, Emily, & I marked out our delegates section, put out materials, & set up the PIPSC area; 09:00 reviewed the vendor booth area; 09:45-12:30: Barb Beyers called the convention to order; there was a Bob White tribute; Presidents address [everything is moving according to plan]; approximately 3,200 attendees at the beginning; then the Scroll of “Fallen Worker” [ PIPSC deceased workers were not on the list].

12:30-17:30 LUNCH; (12:40) attended crash course “Mobilize To Organize” building an avalanche; Mary Walsh (ACTRA) gave a funny & touching speech about the medical & personal challenges she has overcome – quite inspiring. Guy Ryder (ILO) spoke about the ILO success & the increase in international membership; presentation/debate/vote on the Economic & Social Policy Paper [was approved]; adjournment for the day.

TUESDAY MAY 9/17 – 09:00-12:30 began with the “Westray” Tribute, in particular they mentioned how this was a result of the existing laws not being enforced ; Secretary-Treasurer’s Report [concerns and weaknesses were pointed out by PIPSC’s Del Dickson; the finance committee that was promised at the last convention still has not been set up but another commitment was made]; comedian Cindy Palmater spoke to us.

12:30-17:30 had LUNCH; met with CUPW & CURC to arrange C-27 display &  distribute STOP C-27 bags, get ready for protest on Thurs; Dr Cindy Blackstock spoke on FN Child & Family Caring Society; PANEL on Equity for a #Fair Future (panelists- Beth Lyons NB Women’s Council, Amira Elghawaby National Council of Canadian Muslims, Emilie Nicholas Quebec Inclusif, Susie Mangar Magnet); presentation/debate on Economic & Social Policy paper; General Resolutions committee report; adjourned.

17:30-18:30 LGBTQ WORKERS CAUCUS – Casey Oraa presented a paper on his 3 years of activities. A lot has been accomplished but there is more to do. Gord Bulmer spoke about “Safe Spaces” which generated a lot of interest & spoke about the Diversity Caucus. On Thursday, Casey ran for office again & was acclaimed.

WEDNESDAY MAY 10/17 – 08:15-12:30 DISTRIBUTED “VOTE FOR LARRY ROUSSEAU” BUTTONS to delegates; United Way/CLC greetings & scholarship announcement; the Honourable Rachel Notley, Premier Alberta spoke [she spoke about the challenges & opportunities that are available for workers].

12:30-17:30 DISTRIBUTED “LARRY” BUTTONS; PANEL on “Green Jobs for a #FairFuture” (panelists- Rick Smith Broadbent Institute, Sharan Burrow International Trade Union Confederation, Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Matt Wayland, Patrick Rondeau); more policy paper presentations; CANDIDATES  FORUM for OFFICERS (I supported Larry Rousseau, Donald Lafleur, Marie Clarke Walker, & Hassan Yussuff); adjournment

THURSDAY MAY 11/17 – 08:30-11:50 DISTRIBUTED LARRY BUTTONS; Frank Graves (EKOS Research) gave really good latest statistics [ only 10% Canadians think kids will do better than their parents; middle class is moving down to working class; labour leadership trust is tepid; a feeling that unions are less necessary today; etc. NEW MEMBER PROFILE= female; < 35 yrs old; income < $50K]. PANEL on #FairFuture - Moderator Leah Voskos, panelists: Stephanie Nakistas; Jennifer Huang [future work looks like - temporary work, contract work, self-employment, free-lance & part-time; two jobs/person; over 50% will be new non-traditional employment; lack of access to traditional benefits; ethnic enclaves; 1 in 5 people in Toronto first language is other than Canadian; domestic violence is an issue; working on a PODCAST project.]; Melanie mentioned that: household debt jumped from 62% to 162%; there is < appetite for a strike today.  Economic & Social policy papers presented.

11:45- 14:00 CUPW, CURC & I organized STOP C-27 at the bottom of the escalators from the convention hall before the STREET RALLY, then the C-27 banner was carried in the RALLY to the Street Rally.

14:00-17:30 CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE REPORT – 3,576 attendees; ELECTION RESULTS: President Hassan Yussuff; Secretary-Treasurer Marie Clark-Walker; Vice President Larry Rousseau; Vice President Donald Lafleur [other elected chairs were: Dan Brown – Young Workers; Jessica Bernie – Disability; Ron Rousseau – Aboriginal; & Casey Oraa – LGBTQ]; tribute to locked out & striking workers; tribute to retiring Secretary-Treasurer Barb Byers [one amazing career in social service & for the Labour movement].


I believe that PIPSC exceeded the reasons I thought we should be there, WE:

  1. Influenced the election - Larry Rousseau, our candidate, exceeded the vote count against his competitors by 2:1;
  2. Were highly visible;
  3. Were well organized;
  4. Had two PIPSC Board members on CLC committees, as well as the other CLC participants were there
  5. Had diverse representation
  6. Made “STOP C-27” very visible
  7. Increased PIPSC’s visibility


Returned to Ottawa

This concludes my report.