1. Once you have at least the interest of four retired members, in good standing, in your Region you can contact your Regional Executive Officer or the RMG Executive President to advise them of your interest in starting a Chapter.  The RMG President and the RMG Regional Executive Officers are listed on the PIPSC National Website under the heading “Retired Members Guild”.

Note: When starting up a Chapter in your area through your Regional Executive Officer and/or the RMG National President you can request a list of the retired members in your area.

2. Once you have notified the RMG Executive of your intention to proceed and have confirmation from the RMG President and/or RMG Regional Executive Officer for your region you may proceed with your first meeting.

3. If you do not have funding for your first meeting you can request start-up funding of $200.00 from the RMG Executive in order for you to proceed with your first RMG Chapter Annual General Meeting.  You may want to invite the RMG President and your Regional Executive Officer to attend your first start up meeting.

At this meeting you are required to elect a slate of officers and record the minutes of the meeting.  At this start up meeting you are to elect the positions of;


Vice President



Note: The Secretary/Treasurer position can be combined into a Secretary/Treasurer position if you do not have interested Chapter RMG members who want to take on an executive role on your Chapter and just want to be a member at large. It is highly recommended that for banking and cheque signing purposes that you have the four chair officers.

4. Your Chapter is funded by the RMG with an annual allotment for operating costs and the recruitment and retention of RMG retired members in your area. In order to receive the annual funding you are required, after the completion of your first Annual General Meeting, to submit the minutes, and names of your elected officers, your financial statement and budget, to the RMG Treasurer for payment of your annual allowance.

Note: If you received start up fees from the RMG Executive those fees will be deducted from your first annual funding amount.