Terms and Conditions Comparison Summary


We are publishing this summary for the information of PIPSC members who are RCMP Civilian Members, to ensure members are aware of the issues at stake in our upcoming negotiations with Treasury Board. We encourage members to review the summary and let us know if you have any questions or concerns with the contents.

This document represents a high level summary of the differences between existing RCMP Terms and Conditions of Employment, and comparable provisions within the six collective agreements for PIPSC members employed by Treasury Board in the Core Public Administration groups:

  • Computer Systems (CS);
  • Applied Science and Patent Examination (SP);
  • Engineering, Architecture and Land Survey (NR);
  • Research (RE);
  • Health Services (SH); and
  • Audit, Commerce and Purchasing (AV)

How to Support Your Negotiations Team

Our goal in negotiations is to protect your existing terms and conditions of employment. We need your support in order to do be successful.

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A Few Notes About This Summary

The table below does not identify every provision of the collective agreements which do not have a comparable provisions within the RCMP Terms and Conditions of Employment. This document is only intended to be a guide for Civilian Members under PIPSC and may not be accurately reflective of the differences between Civilian Members in other unions. Furthermore, it is not intended to be an exhaustive list of every variance between the source documents. For accurate reference users should refer to the applicable source documents; e.g. RCMP policies/manuals and the applicable collective agreements.

This document is produced for information purposes only, on a without prejudice basis with respect to any position PIPSC may subsequently advance on behalf of its members in negotiations with the Treasury Board Secretariat.

Questions or concerns with respect to the contents of the document should be forwarded to civilian_members@pipsc.ca.

Terms & Conditions Comparison Summary Table