RCMP Discharge Requests Issue Under Review

We were recently informed that RCMP Human Resources would not be approving any request to rescind discharge requests that were submitted by employees – many of which are now our members - in anticipation of deeming.

There was no indication in the RCMP’s latest communications to employees that discharge requests would now be considered irrevocable.  While the RCMP knew full well that members would reconsider their discharge if deeming were to be delayed, it did nothing to forewarn applicants of this possibility, or provide notice of this change in approach.

On March 18, we wrote to Commissioner Lucki urging her to take immediate steps to rescind this decision and permit members to withdraw their discharge notices, if they so desire.  We also wrote to the federal government’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Nancy Chahwan, on this matter.

We are pleased to report that Commissioner Lucki wrote back that same day telling us that she had instructed her officials to stop processing Form 1733 at this time, until she has the opportunity to look into it further.  We are in regular contact with her office, and will update our civilian RCMP members on this and other issues as soon as possible.