RCMP CM Negotiations Update #3

Members of the RCMP CM Negotiations Team met with the Treasury Board on the afternoon of January 21st, 2019 to exchange proposals.

The first set of negotiations sessions between the RCMP CM Negotiations Team and the Treasury Board will take place February 20 to 22. Ongoing progress updates will be provided after every negotiations session. For timely updates on important information, please see “How to Support Your Negotiations Team” and complete a membership form.

Thanks to everyone for providing feedback to the RCMP CM Negotiations Team through various fora, including our survey, on-site visits, the Bargaining Conference, and e-mails to RCMPbargteam@pipsc.ca and civilian_members@pipsc.ca. The Terms and Conditions Comparison Summary page has been updated based on your feedback (https://www.pipsc.ca/groups/rcmp/comparison).

For any questions or concerns please contact RCMPbargteam@pipsc.ca

RCMP CM Negotiations Team

How to Support Your Negotiations Team

Our goal in negotiations is to protect our existing terms and conditions of employment. We need your support in order to do be successful.

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The PIPSC Proposals on the RCMP CM Negotiations are attached below. Treasury Board has not provided their proposals in a traditional context, but instead has categorized items that they are willing to discuss, and items they propose to apply the provisions of the collective agreement. These list of items are summarized in the document below.

1. PIPSC Proposals

2. Treasury Board List of Issues (“Proposals”)