RCMP CM Bargaining Update #2

The RCMP CM Bargaining Conference was held in Ottawa, November 21 and 22, 2018.  Every civilian member that registered for the conference was invited to participate.  Over two full days, participants from Newfoundland to British Columbia worked alongside members of the Negotiation Team to review issues and concerns, and to develop options and strategies for negotiations to protect existing benefits. 

After receiving input from the conference participants, a Term & Conditions Comparison Summary was posted on the PIPSC web site for member information. https://www.pipsc.ca/groups/rcmp/comparison We continue to identify discrepancies between information provided by the RCMP & Treasury Board, as compared with the operating practices experienced by members.  We welcome feedback from members, by email at RCMPbargteam@pipsc.ca

The Negotiation Team met in Ottawa, December 12 to 14, 2018, with a busy agenda:

  1. The Team selected Daniel Chamberlain as the Chair of the Negotiation Team, and assigned various roles within the team. 
  2. Utilizing the feedback received from the member survey and bargaining conference, the team is preparing proposals for the negotiations to transition civilian members into the public service.  Maintaining status quo is our baseline on every issue. 
  3. The Team identified areas requiring additional information and research to be undertaken by PIPSC staff.  PIPSC Specialists have been engaged to review the transition of pensions and benefits.
  4. Nineteen full days have been scheduled between February and June, 2019, for negotiations with Treasury Board.

PIPSC and Treasury Board proposals will be published for the information of members once exchanged.

We are committed to keeping our members informed throughout this process.  Our goal is to protect the benefits of our members, and to earn your support to ensure we achieve this goal together.

Better Together!

RCMP CM Negotiation Team