Open letter to Civilian Members at the RCMP: we are better together

Dear Civilian Members at the RCMP,

I'm sure you are aware of the announcement that many of you will be deemed to occupational groups represented by PIPSC. Our members look forward to welcoming you into our community of dedicated professionals who serve Canadians every day. We believe we will be stronger together.

Our purpose at PIPSC is to act collectively to improve our members' lives. As PIPSC members, you will have the backing of over 55,000 other professionals and our collective resources as you fight to protect your jobs and your benefits during this process of transition and beyond.

We are proud of a record of accomplishment for our members. We negotiate for better salaries and benefits. We provide workplace representation for our members. And we have a growing influence over public policy in Canada.

Many of you are legitimately worried about this transition and I want to assure you that we are committed to protecting the best interests of civilian members throughout this process. But we also share your frustration with the lack of information and transparency regarding your transition to the Public Service.

The employer has kept us in the dark as well. Since you are not officially members of PIPSC yet, we have not been privy to any information outside of what the employer has announced publicly. Worse still, the employer has not given us your name or contact information, effectively making it impossible to share any information with you directly.

Please take action now and email us at so we can work together on this transition process. We will work hard to find out answers to questions and concerns that Civilian Members like you have raised. We are contacting Treasury Board to begin discussions on the transition. But we also need you to contact us, tell us what issues we need to raise with Treasury Board and give us a channel to communicate with you and keep you informed as the process unfolds.

You have our commitment that your information and inquiries will be kept in strict confidence and we will do our utmost to get an answer from the employer to your questions and concerns. Email us now or speak to a local PIPSC Steward so we can keep you updated on the process.

You can count on PIPSC to protect your interests throughout the transition process.

Better Together!
Debi Daviau