Call for interest: RCMP CM Bargaining Team

Right now, there is no confirmed date for deeming. The RCMP is still waiting on the Treasury Board for a decision.

Current indications are that the NextGen pay system will need to be in place before deeming occurs. We understand that NextGen pay isn’t expected until at least 2025.

In view of the anticipated delays with deeming, PIPSC has written to the Treasury Board to request a Civilian Member bargaining process. That will allow us to seek improvements to the existing terms and conditions of employment for RCMP Civilian Members.    

PIPSC is now in the process of establishing a Bargaining Team to conduct these negotiations. We are seeking RCMP Civilian Members, who are members in good standing with PIPSC, to join the Bargaining Team. The Bargaining Team will be supported by PIPSC staff, including a Negotiator and a Research Officer.  

Interested members must be PIPSC members and display their commitment to the Bargaining Team by:

  • recognizing bargaining as a priority by freeing up their agenda
  • working as a team
  • committing to make decisions by consensus as often as possible
  • representing all members regardless of their classification
  • respecting the confidentiality of bargaining

The PIPSC President will appoint the Bargaining Team members from the applications received. The mandate of the Bargaining Team will last for the duration of the bargaining process. The expected time commitment is approximately 3 days per month, for potentially 18 months or longer.

In order for the team to be as representative and equitable as possible, consideration will be given to the following criteria: 

  • availability of the member
  • diversity of the team, including gender, language, age, classification and regional diversification
  • communication skills
  • relevant bargaining, labour relations, and/or leadership experience
  • capacity to work within a team

On the application form below, each interested member must indicate why they would like to join the Bargaining Team and how they meet the above mentioned criteria/assets.  

Completed forms are to be submitted no later than 12:00 PM ET on October 11, 2022. An “informal” interview may be requested to clarify or expand on any information provided.

Please disconnect from the government’s VPN and use a personal device to ensure the form loads. The information collected in this form will remain confidential.

If you have questions regarding this form or the Bargaining Team, please contact David Griffin at