Announcement – Appointment of RCMP CM Bargaining Team

The Institute is pleased to announce the Bargaining Team, appointed by President Debi Daviau, who will be responsible for negotiating the transition of the RCMP Civilian Members into the six Core Public Administration collective agreements with Treasury Board.

The RCMP CM Bargaining Team is comprised of three RCMP Civilian Members and four experienced group representatives:

  • Robert Boivin, Montreal QC, RCMP CM CP-02 classification, CS Group member
  • Daniel Chamberlain, Ottawa ON, RCMP CM EE-04 classification, NR Group member 
  • Sushil Dixit, NCR, SP Group representative
  • John Eng, NCR, NR Group representative
  • Crystal Gardiner, Edmonton AB, RCMP CM FSLS-02 classification, SP Group member
  • Karon Miles, Burlington ON, CS Group representative
  • Pierre Touchette, NCR, CS Group representative

The team will meet in November and December to prepare for negotiations with Treasury Board.  The team will also participate in the RCMP CM Bargaining Conference, scheduled for November 21 and 22 in Ottawa.

About the RCMP CM representatives:

Daniel Chamberlain has worked in several civilian classifications with the RCMP in the Atlantic and National Capital regions, as a Radiocommunication Technologist, SP-CP and currently Electronic Engineer (SP-EE). For the past seven years Daniel has been managing radio systems renewals across Canada. “As a 23-year Civilian Member (CM) of the RCMP, it is an honor to be appointed to the CM Bargaining Committee,” said Chamberlain. “To be selected to bargain on your behalf is an important responsibility and I wish to ensure all CM’s are treated fairly during the deeming process. I also understand the importance of working collaboratively with PIPSC to identify common concerns CM’s may wish to raise in discussions with Treasury Board. I am committed to bringing this experience to my new role in order to ensure all CM’s have an effective voice on the CM Bargaining Committee.”

Crystal Gardiner currently works as a Reporting Scientist (FSLS-02) in the Biology Section of the National Forensic Laboratory Services -Edmonton. “I started my CM career as a Reporting Scientist in Regina a little over 10 years ago and relocated to Edmonton in 2014,” said Gardiner. “I am excited to represent CMs at the bargaining table and am passionate about maintaining our benefits as we transition to the Public Service.”

Robert Boivin joined the RCMP C Division in 1999 as a public servant. He held various positions such as fleet management and within the Special I service. Robert converted to civilian member status in 2008. He worked as a LAN administrator in C Division until 2016. He also served as a sub-rep for the SSR program from 2014 until the end of the program, which was around 2017. After managing PTSS/PTSB deployment for G7 for the last year, he is now working with PTSS C Division as a SP-CP-02. "I am very happy to join the Bargaining Team", said Boivin. "Be assured that I will do everything I can to defend the rights and privileges currently held by civilian members."