1,400 RCMP Civilian Members finally have a union

A large group of RCMP Civilian Members have finally become unionized. 

The Federal Labour Board has granted PIPSC’s application to have nearly 1400 RCMP Civilian Members included our Treasury Board Groups. That means despite the delays in government’s plans, these RCMP Civilian Members will get access to the full benefits of union membership and PIPSC services.

“Being a PIPSC member empowers you to join the process of collective bargaining. It gives you a seat at the table. It allows you to directly advocate for yourself and your coworkers,” said PIPSC President Debi Daviau in a message to RCMP Civilian Members. “No individual can have much success in changing the practices of a big employer - but as a union we can, because we’re better together.”

PIPSC has already worked to ensure that the terms and conditions of employment for RCMP Civilian Members are protected until such time that their transition to existing collective agreements have been negotiated.

“Without a union, the employer could have simply changed the workers’ working conditions without their input,” said Daviau. “Now as PIPSC members, the RCMP civilian members can join in the process of negotiating these agreements and will have their say on the outcome of the negotiations.”

The new members will remain on the current RCMP pay system and will not transfer to Phoenix.