Your bargaining team met with OSFI on February 15 & 16 to discuss non-monetary proposals.


On February 15 and 16, your bargaining team met with OSFI to discuss their respective non-monetary proposals.

The parties discussed a number of issues around policy related to overtime, leave and travel.

Meanwhile, the PIPSC Central Table Bargaining Team held their first meetings with the Treasury Board on January 24 and 25, 2023 where PIPSC presented their non-monetary bargaining proposals.

These central table negotiations aim to bargain common language on some issues to integrate into our group collective agreements. This ensures consistency and fairness so no member in the core federal public service and agencies is left behind. Both sides introduced their teams, provided context around their proposals, and exchanged questions. The Central Team made connections between our proposals and gender equity, reconciliation and climate change mitigation as well as making our workplaces safe and healthy for all. 

Importantly, these meetings took place as we started returning to the office. The Treasury Board’s order has created many more problems may have thought it was solving  – not least of which is that we’re in the middle of bargaining where telework is on the table. Their return-to-office order violates the freeze on your working conditions, which shouldn’t change while we’re at the table. PIPSC has filed formal complaints to the labour board on the RTO order, seeking to have the order quashed.

The next central bargaining dates are scheduled for February 28, as well as March 1 and 2, 2023. The next OSFI Group bargaining dates are scheduled for April 25 and 26, 2023.  

As always, we’ll stay in touch. 

In solidarity, Your OSFI Group bargaining team,