Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of November 30, 2023

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Québec City NR Sub-Group (QC NR SG) was held at the Pacini restaurant (999, Boulevard Lebourgneuf) in Québec City.

  1. Welcome, Call to Order, Verification of Quorum and Opening Remarks.

At 5:51 p.m., the President, Mr. Patrick Lacoursière, after verifying the quorum, declared the meeting open. He welcomed the other fourteen (14) members present.  Several new members were present at the meeting, and a round table was held to introduce each member.

The President introduced the three (3) members of the Executive Committee present, namely Mr. Omar Kali (Vice-President), Mr. Jean-Luc Bédard (Treasurer) and Mr. Bernard Michaud (Secretary). Robert Durocher, Executive Member

Other members present at the Assembly:

  • Mr. Hugo Buttau
  • Mr. Pierre Richard
  • Mr. Alex Tourigny-Plante
  • Mr. Philippe Mireault-Germain
  • Mrs Karine Lirette
  • Mrs. Jessika Poirier
  • Mrs. Maude Bergeron
  • Mrs. Maude Blanchet
  • Mr. Samuel Bruneau-Dubuc
  • Mr. Serey-Pheak Sea
  • Mrs. Julia Zaldua
  • Mr. Jacob Bélanger
  1. Reading of the notice of meeting

Since the notice of meeting was sent to all members by email, the President suggested that it not be reviewed, and no member objected.

  1. Review and adoption of the agenda

As the agenda was sent to all members by email, the President asked that it not be reviewed.  On a motion by Mr. Jean-Luc Bédard, seconded by Mr. Omar Kali, the agenda was adopted unanimously.


  1. Reading and approval of the minutes of the 2022 AGM

The minutes from the 2022 AGM were reviewed. Item 11 of the 2022 minutes was revisited and additional details on involvement incentives were presented as per slide #8 of the AGM presentation.

A correction to Mr. Buttau’s name was requested. On a motion by Mr. Jean-Luc Bédard, seconded by Mr. Alex Tourigny-Plante, the minutes and their amendments were adopted unanimously.

  1. Presentation of the latest developments in the negotiations for the new collective agreement

Two (2) members of the NR Bargaining Committee, Mr. Buttau and Mr. Richard, made a presentation regarding the update on the negotiations for the new NR collective agreement which expired on September 30, 2022. Once the presentation was made, Mr. Buttau and Mr. Richard answered questions from members.

  1. President’s report

Patrick Lacoursière gave a brief overview of why the sub-group was set up, and presentsed the breakdown of members by department.  He also provided a summary of highlights and events since the last meeting in 2022. These events are presented on slides #16 to #18 of the attached AGM presentation.

The proposed activities for 2024 are presented on slide #19 and discussed with members.

The issues presented for 2024 include the ENG progression program, negotiation of the collective agreement, teleworking, member involvement in group and sub-group activities, and the transfer of ENG positions to sub-contractor positions.

The President also gave a summary of the issues surrounding Canada Life insurance. He mentioned that this issue has been raised at the national UMAC level, and that although PIPSC has no authority over this contract, a policy grievance could be considered.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Jean-Luc Bédard presented the financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2023.  The amounts are not finalized yet, as the exact costs of AGM meals will be incorporated after the meeting.  We predict a deficit of about $1057, and a reduction in cash of $1120, for the year 2023, for a balance of $31.56.

The 2024 budget is presented and available on slide #25 of the AGM presentation. A balanced budget is forecast, with a small surplus of $190.  As mentioned by the Treasurer, a minimum cash balance (of less than $1272) must be maintained to maximize PIPSC allocations.

The draft 2023 financial statements and 2024 budget, as presented, were proposed by Mrs. Jessika Poirier, seconded by Mrs. Maude Blanchet and unanimously adopted.

The NR group has raised their hands to contribute $500 to keep the sub-groups active, which they will send us by cheque at a later date.

  1. Invitation to members to join the Executive

The President asked the floor if there were any other members interested in serving on the Executive Committee. The following members expressed their interest in joining the Executive Committee:

  • Samuel Bruneau-Dubuc, whose nomination was proposed by Patrick Lacoursière, seconded by Julia Zaldua and carried unanimously.
  • Jessika Poirier, whose nomination was proposed by Karine Lirette, seconded by Robert Durocher and carried unanimously.
  1. Election for executive positions

The president indicated that the position of Secretary will be vacated by Bernard Michaud and that this position is to be filled.  Jessika Poirier indicated her interest, and her nomination was proposed by Maude Bergeron, seconded by Maude Blanchet, and unanimously approved by the members.

The other officer positions remained unchanged, and the incumbents continue in office.

The Executive Committee for the coming year will therefore be made up of:

  • Patrick Lacoursière, President
  • Omar Kali, Vice President
  • Jean-Luc Bédard, Treasurer
  • Jessika Poirier, Secretary
  • Robert Durocher, Director
  • Samuel Bruneau-Dubuc, Director
  • Bernard Michaud, Director

10. Career development and progression

Jean-Luc Bédard reported on the ENG career development and progression file presented to senior management at Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC-Valcartier).

The file is stagnating at agency level, as the initial proposal was rejected by senior management.  Local discussions are underway to revise the strategy in an attempt to move this issue forward.

11. New Business

Treasurer Jean-Luc Bédard invites all members to visit and follow the sub-group’s Facebook page.


12. Closing of the AGM

On a motion by Mr. Omar Kali, seconded by Mr. Bernard Michaud, the meeting was adjourned at 9:54 p.m.

Prepared by:  Robert Durocher

Attachment: AGM 2023 PowerPoint presentation.