Québec City NR Sub-Group 1st Annual General Meeting

Presented by:
Jean-Luc Bédard, Eng.

2016-10-27, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Espace Artevino, 797 Lebourgneuf Boulevard, Québec City, QC G2J 0B5

Acting Executive

• President: Jean-Luc Bédard, Eng.
Projects Manager

• Vice-President: Janot Alain, Eng.
Projects Manager
DRDC Valcartier

• Secretary: Jean-Sébastien Binette, Eng.
Weapon and Protection Systems Engineer
DRDC Valcartier


Guest Speakers

• Glen Schjerning
PIPSC – Executive member, NR SG, LSTL (DND)
PIPSC – President, LSTL Division (DND)
PIPSC – Consultation team member (DND)
PIPSC – NR Group Executive member
PIPSC – Chief Steward, NCR
PIPSC – Chief Steward, NCR Executive

• Yves Cousineau
PIPSC – NR Group, President


1. Call to Order of the 1st AGM of the Québec City NR Sub-Group at 5:30 p.m.
1.1 Introduction of members of the Acting Executive
1.2 Introduction of guest speakers
1.3 Instructions and meeting procedures
1.4 Attendance count
2. Reading of the Notice of Meeting
3. Reading and Approval of the Agenda
4. President’s Report
5. Presentation of Sub-Group’s By-Laws and Regulations
6. Presentation of the 2015 and 2016 Budgets by the Secretary-Treasurer
7. Planning of Activities for 2017 and Approval of the 2017 Budget
8. Election of the Executive Committee
9. Ballot Count
10. Appointment of a Financial Auditor and Alternate
11. Presentation by Glen Schjerning: PIPSC 101
12. Toast to the Sub-Group and Meal (around 6:30 p.m.)
13. Announcement of Election Results
14. Presentation by Yves Cousineau: Liaison with the NR Group, Collective Bargaining Update, NR Group Issues
15. New Business
16. Door Prizes
17. Adjournment

The meeting will be adjourned at approximately 9 p.m.

President’s Report - Intro

• Why the Québec City NR Sub-Group was created

– A void was identified among NR Group members in Québec City

– Different issues than in the NCR, mainly in terms of job classification

– Classification issues between departments and groups (e.g. ADM-ST and ADM-Mat at DND)

– Creation of a two-way communication channel between PIPSC and local members

– Creation of a stronger network with:
- engineers, architects and land surveyors in Québec City
- the Québec City Branch
- the Quebec Region
- the National NR Group


Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
3 members

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
2 members

Fisheries and Oceans Canada
17 members

National Defence
35 members


Environment Canada and Natural Resources Canada
10 members

Public Services and Procurement Canada
31 members

Shared Services Canada
1 member

Transport Canada
3 members

President’s Report – Past Activities

May 2015 Initial contact with Glen Schjerning (DND)
August 2015 Initial contact with David A. Young (NRCan)

2015-10-23 Meeting with Philippe Ouimet (SSC) and Pierre Richard (Treasurer, NR Group)
November 2015 Member survey on training for the Québec City NR Sub-Group
2015-12-17 PIPSC approves creation of Sub-Group
2016-02-05 Bank account opened at BMO

President’s Report – Past Activities

2016-07-08 & 09 Attended Sub-Group Presidents meeting in Regina, Saskatchewan
2016-07-20 First Executive meeting of the Québec City NR Sub-Group

2016-09-12 Executive learning session with Réjean Tellier (President, Québec City Branch) and Denis Caissy (CS at CFB Valcartier)
2016-09-13 Met with Yvon Brodeur, Quebec Regional Director
2016-09-19 Attended the Québec City Branch AGM
2016-10-27 1st AGM of the Québec City NR Sub-Group

2017 Objectives/Activities

• Expand the Executive
– We are allowed up to 10 members
– Better representation
– Better sharing of ideas
– Strength in numbers
– Sharing of tasks (separate position for Treasurer-Secretary)
– Increased presence of PIPSC among all employers
• Get Sub-Group’s By-Laws and Regulations officially adopted
• Survey members on key issues
• Report on the main local NR issues:
– in the Québec City Branch
– in the Quebec Region
– in the National NR Group
• Lunch and Learns with guest speakers

2017 Objectives/Activities

• Mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation
• Develop communication tools (Facebook)
• Share ServicePlus benefits with members
• Organize a local charity event (in the medium term)
• Meet with local MP

Key member issues

• ENG classification (Éric Beaulne)
(disparity by region, by employer)
• Sick leave
• Salary increase vs.
- cost of living
- contribution/pension
- other professionals and governments
• Linear increase of vacation 4+½y
• Phoenix
• Bilingualism bonus the same for 40 years
• Maintaining years of service for everyone because we all contribute to the country (as is the case for military members)