The Annual General Meeting of the NR subgroup was held on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at CSA Headquarters in St-Hubert Quebec.  The attendee list is attached.  The minutes from the meeting are as follows:

Philippe Ouimet (President) provided an introduction and presented the proposed agenda:

  1. Financial Statements 2017 and Budget 2018
  2. Update on Phoenix issues
  3. New Online Claim System for the Sun Life Insurance Plan
  4. Ergonomics Training proposal
  5. Extension of the coverage area of the Subgroup
  6. New collective agreement / next steps

2017 AGM of the NR subgroup Meeting Minutes were reviewed and accepted.

2017 Budget was reviewed and accepted.

2018 Proposed Budget was presented and accepted.

Elections for President, Vice President and Board of Directors:

  • Philippe Ouimet was elected President
  • Hany Fawzy was elected Vice President

Philippe provided an update on Phoenix, issues, and deadline and projected date for CSA pay personnel to review all pay including overtime, acting, etc.

Philippe provided an overview of the new Sun Life system.  Gave instructions for activating the account.

Philippe discussed the proposal for Ergonomics Training for the upcoming year.

Proposal presented for enlarging the subgroup territory.  Vote was held, and the enlargement of the subgroup was approved by majority.

Update on the new collective agreement and upcoming negotiations presented via webcam.

Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Derrick Piontek