The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada


Hamilton/Burlington NR Sub-Group Executive Meeting # 2018-2


Friday April 27, 2018 @ 12.00 pm

Location:  Turtle Jacks Restaurant, Burlington ON

  1. Welcome and Attendance
    1. Frank Seglenieks, Ryan Breivik and Shirley Anne Smyth, Sandra Kok, Asif Mohammed.
  1. Approval of Agenda
    1. Moved by Frank that the agenda be accepted as presented.  Seconded by Ryan.
  1. Review and Approval of the Minutes of the Jan 21, 2018 executive meeting
    1. Sandra moved to approve the minutes. Shirley Ann seconded.
  1. Business Arising from the Minutes  
    1. Nov 23 2017 AGM draft minutes was reviewed.  Asif pointed out that traditionally, a financial budget would have been prepared, presented and approved by members at the annual AGM. However, this has not been the practice in recent years. Given this omittance, it was decided that a 2018 budget will be prepared, based on historical expenditures, and will be the basis for spending in 2018. Asif also pointed out that Dave Young was interested in NR sub group updates, including financial updates.

Action: Shirley Anne and Frank to prepare a budget for 2018 based on previous year’s expenditures.

Action: The sub-group executive will prepare a 2019 budget for the next (2018) AGM meeting for review by members.

  1. Financial Report
    1. Financial report was presented by Frank Seglenieks for the period to April, 2018.  Moved by Frank that the financial report be accepted as presented.  Seconded by Ryan.
  1. Update from National office
    1. Asif indicated that a committee on Contracting out has been established. Other committees being formed for (i) Deprofessionalism and (ii) Career Development framework.
    2. Bargaining strategy for the next collective agreement is being developed. 
  1. New Business
    1. Shirley Anne encouraged all to tune into the Nix Phoenix campaign town hall meeting of April 17.
    2. Shirley Anne made all aware of electronic submission paramedical claims
    3. Frank will attend the June 8-9 NR sub groups Presidents meeting in Gatineau
    4. All were encouraged to attend the PIPSC lunch and learn on May 19 at Canada Center for Inland Waters
    5. Shirley Anne distributed PIPSC promotional material
    6. Topic for next lunch and learn would be on the Career Development part of the collective agreement. Tentative date of next lunch and learn would be mid June. 

Action: Asif to follow up with Geoff Kendall, member- of the National Executive, on whether he was going to do a cross Canada tour and if so, he could be asked to speak at a lunch and learn.    

  1. Next meeting dates
    1. Mid-June so that Frank could report back on and we could plan the summer BBQ.
  1. Adjournment
    1. Moved by Shirley Anne, seconded by Frank, adjournment at 1:30 pm