Hamilton/Burlington NR Sub-Group Executive Meeting # 3
Friday September 22, 2017 @ 12.00 pm

Location: Mythos Restaurant, 3500 Fairview Street, Burlington ON

1)    Welcome and Attendance
a.    Frank Seglenieks, Ryan Breivik and Shirley Anne Smyth, Sandra Kok.

2)    Approval of Agenda
a.    Moved by Shirley Anne that the agenda be accepted as presented.  Seconded by Frank.

3)    Review and Approval of the Minutes of the July 4 , 2017 executive meeting
a.    Frank moved to approve the minutes. Ryan seconded.

4)    Business Arising from the Minutes – covered below
a.    The executive needs to meet in early September to plan sub-group activities and the AGM

5)    Financial Report
a.    Financial report was presented by Frank Seglenieks for the period to Sep 20, 2017. Frank to follow up to see if we got our allocation for this year. Moved by Frank that the financial report be accepted as presented.  Seconded by Shirley Anne.

6)    New Business
a.    Phoenix – reminder to keep records, take action promptly if you discover errors.
b.    Collective Agreement  – no update  
c.    Review of Bylaws – No changes were  needed with regard to limitations on motions .  It was suggested that key points in the bylaws could be presented at Subgroup AGM to refresh members of the bylaws.
d.    Debrief of Summer BBQ July 26 – All felt the BBQ (held at Canada Centre for Inland Waters (CCIW) went well with good attendance, especially from members from NRCAN who are not located at CCIW.  Coordinating with the SP group to have the BBQ the day after was a good idea, as the BBQ equipment and tables could be remain in place for the NR group BBQ.
e.    NR AGM and other sub-group activities – Two positions are up for elections – President and Treasurer.   The president encourages others to nominate for available positions. Decision was made to hold the AGM at CCIW at 4:30 on Nov 23, with a dinner to follow. It was suggested that the agenda should include collective agreement update by Asif Mohammed, Vice-President, NR Group.
i.    Shirley Anne to send out Save the Date notice to members;  
ii.    Review last year’s minutes in preparation for approval at the  AGM
iii.    Shirley Anne to contact Asif Mohammed to make a 5 minute update on collective agreement  
iv.    Shirley Anne to obtain permission from Senior Building Officer (Joanne Volk) to allow people in the building after 4:30 pm.

7)    Next meeting dates
a.    TBD.

8)    Adjournment
a.    Moved by Frank, seconded by Ryan, adjournment at 1:00 pm