NR Group 2019 Election - Donna Scarlett

I am extremely happy to submit my nomination for the position of NCR representative for the NR Group Executive.

I am a dedicated steward and President of the NR Gatineau Sub-group.

I think it’s time to switch things up. The executive needs new blood and along with that an influx of energy and fresh new ideas!

The main purpose of the executive is bargaining collective agreements (CA) on behalf of members and ensuring the terms are upheld and applied fairly. In order to meet this objective, members of the executive should be composed of people who are directly impacted by the CA they are negotiating.

Like many of you, I have a vested interest in CA negotiations since I have several years of service left. If someone is retired, or very close to retiring, they may have little motivation to affect change.

I believe that experience needs to be recognized and valued so it’s time to revise our pay scale with adjusted or additional increments per level.

By placing your trust in me, you can count on a dependable representative who will invest time to protect the interests of all NR Group members and to increase respect and recognition by the employer in the public service.

If elected, I will bring enthusiasm, dedication and determination to my role on the executive.  I will work towards making our members happier by putting them first and getting a bigger bang for your buck (membership dues).

Thanks for your support,

Donna Scarlett

PIPSC Member Status: Regular

Occupational Classification: EN