Some of you have a lot of time off to use, whether it’s overtime or vacation. We remind you that, according to a special agreement, you can still carry over 10 days this year instead of 5. As for overtime, these hours can be paid to you if you are unable to use them. Recording your actual working hours in the system, however, is important for the entire team and for the smooth operation of the NFB.

Recording all your overtime hours will ensure that:

  • Your supervisor has a clear picture of your workload and provides you with the support you need if you are overwhelmed or no longer able to meet your targets.
  • Your unreported work overload does not affect your colleagues, who may already be overloaded by placing additional pressure on the entire group.
  • The annual human resources needs assessment will not be skewed because some employees work longer hours (sometimes up to 30 hours per week during peak periods) without reporting them. These hours could eventually be converted into new positions and help to prevent burnout, loss of motivation or professional exhaustion.
  • You achieve a better work-life balance. Work may also be assigned or thought of differently within teams. Managers do not always realize the amount of work involved behind each achieved objective.

Until we meet again, your PIPSC NFB Group team hopes you enjoy a great summer.

We’ll leave you on a happy note. A member sent us this lovely message: 

I would like to thank you immensely for your tireless efforts in instilling sound equity within the public sector. Your perseverance is greatly appreciated and the PIPSC’s efforts in supporting us never ceases to amaze me. My sincerest thanks for following this dossier and for achieving what I deemed impossible. 

Long live our PIPSC team! 

Wishing you a pleasant summer. 

You can join the PIPSC NFB Group team. Contact us; there is always an opening (at a safe distance!). 

Looking forward to seeing you again! In the meantime, please keep adhering to the guidelines to ensure your protection and that of the people around you.

Your PIPSC NFB Group
Jean-Eddyson Cadet
Philippe Chartrand
Darin Clausen
Florence François
Marco Girouard
Claude Lord
Mathieu Sheehy 

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